Case: Remeha


The connected boiler

Remeha is the specialist when it comes to central heating boilers, they have the largest central heating laboratory in the Netherlands. Safety and trouble-free functioning of boilers is a matter of the utmost importance to Remeha. Remeha’s heating boilers heats houses, hotels, schools, healthcare institutions, sports clubs, offices and other buildings.

Thanks to Remeha’s central heating boilers and the advanced eSmart Inside control system, it is possible to easily operate not only the boiler itself, but also the rest of a building. This opens up many new possibilities in the field of control technology. One of the new options is that the boiler itself is capable of transmitting preventive service messages. In addition, a technician can communicate with the boiler and can read information from it and it is possible to perform tests.

By means of secure multi-network M2M SIM cards that roam on all networks, the boilers are provided with independent and stable internet access. Thingsdata’s M2M SIM cards can automatically switch between all European networks, guaranteeing the best connectivity available, regardless of the location of the boiler.

Thingsdata provides the ‘data as a service’ via the M2M SIM cards for the boilers, so Remeha always has insight into the status of its customers’ boilers and the guarantee that they are always connected.