Hardware as a Service

Complete unburdening by Thingsdata

As well as buying hardware directly, it is also possible to opt for our managed services. Our Hardware as a Service (HaaS) offering allows you to deploy routers and gateways on a subscription basis. With HaaS, we provide the configuration of your hardware in advance, making it plug-and-play. We also monitor your hardware using the Remote Management System (RMS), which allows us to respond early to any error messages or malfunctions.

Benefits of Hardware as a Service

No initial investment

Replacement free of charge in the event of a defect

Unburdening your technical department

Focus on your core business

Guarantee of up-to-date systems

Easily scalable

Get the best out of the market with Thingsdata!

We are ready to advise you on any HaaS subscription

Hardware as a Service components

Managed service provision

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You can select from a wide selection of routers and gateways. A combination is also possible.

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Within the subscription, the remote management system is available.

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In case of any malfunctions, we provide support by qualitatively certified staff.

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Advanced configuration

Beforehand, we configure everything properly so that you can use the hardware immediately.

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Return policy

Thingsdata is responsible for the return policy in case of any defect.

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You can also combine your hardware with our connectivity solutions.

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Frequently asked questions about Hardware as a Service

What is Hardware as a Service?

Hardware as a Service (HaaS) from Thingsdata consists of providing routers or gateways in subscription form. By taking your hardware in a subscription form, you do not have to make an initial investment, the monthly costs for hardware are the same and you have room for other investments. In addition, we provide configuration, monitoring and any support at HaaS.

What is the minimum order quantity?

We have no minimum purchase quantity. You can purchase our service from as little as one router or gateway. Of course, the more subscriptions, the lower the cost per hardware per month. Thingsdata uses three quantity categories:

  • The first category covers 1-50 units;
  • The second category involves 51-250 units;
  • The third category involves more than 250 units.

How do I select Hardware as a Service?

In our webshop, you can select the option to purchase Hardware as a Service (HaaS). This option is at the top of the menu. After selecting, the components within this subscription are automatically filled in for you. You cannot make any changes here because these are fixed components within our HAAS service, you can only determine the quantity of the product.

How can I combine routers and gateways?

It is possible to combine different routers and gateways within your HaaS subscription. To do this, however, you must select the 'Hardware as a Service' option in the menu for each desired router or gateway. Our webshop is designed to combine this in the order form so that you have a clear overview of the total subscription costs.

What is the duration of a subscription?

The minimum term of a HaaS subscription is 36 months. If you are interested in a longer term, you can opt for 48 months or 60 months. For this, we kindly ask you to contact us at info@thingsdata.com or by phone at 085-0443500.

What will happen after the term has expired?

There are a three options available, which are:

  • After the term of your subscription expires, you can choose to extend. With this choice, Thingsdata remains responsible for monitoring, support and hardware.
  • After the term of your subscription has expired, you can choose to extend only our service (monitoring and support). With this choice, however, your organisation is responsible for any hardware failures.
  • After the term of your subscription has expired, you can choose not to extend. You then become the owner of the hardware, making your organisation responsible for monitoring, support and hardware.