Case: TMC


Continuity of parking systems

TMC is a street parking specialist and offers a wide range of options, from new parking meters to parking solutions. TMC supplies its solutions to municipalities, governments, nature & recreation parks and marinas aimed at maximum accessibility of the available space.

By means of secure multi-network M2M simcards that roam on all networks within the Netherlands, the parking systems and camera systems are provided with a secure and stable connection to the TMC cloud. The multi-network M2M simcards roam on the strongest network available (KPN, T-Mobile or Vodafone). Thingsdata facilitates various solutions so that there is a guarantee of secured redundant internet access and automatic backup scenarios.

Many years of cooperation ensures that the continuity of the operation of parking meters is guaranteed within many municipalities in the Netherlands. More municipalities are choosing to outsource the complete management of their parking meter fleet to TMC. They take on the complete management of first-line and second-line maintenance.

For TMC and its customers, mainly municipalities and governments, it is essential that the parking systems always work. That is why Thingsdata is also available 24×7 for support questions to assist in the event of malfunctions or changes.