Case: TMC


Who is Taxameter Centrale?

Despite the availability of digital parking and payment options, municipalities and organizations are still required to provide physical parking meters on the streets. This is because it is not possible for everyone to use a parking app on their smartphone. Taxameter Centrale (TMC) specializes in on-street parking and offers a wide range of solutions, from new parking meters to comprehensive car park systems.

TMC Netherlands supplies its innovative solutions to municipalities, governments, nature & recreation parks and marinas aimed at maximising the accessibility of available space. Taxameter Centrale is constantly looking for new insights and techniques to continuously optimise its service. Consequently, the organization’s mission is to streamline processes for both static and dynamic traffic management. More and more municipalities are choosing to outsource the complete management of their fleet of parking meters to TMC. The organisation takes on full management from first-line to second-line maintenance.

What was the challenge?

Taxameter’s parking meters are spread throughout the Netherlands. Previously, the organization’s parking meters relied on a single network. TMC wanted more certainty in redundancy because in some cases the parking meters had no or poor coverage. Previously, the failure rate was too high. A continuous connection is crucial because PIN transactions must be processed within a certain time. In addition, it was not possible to trouble shoot on the sim cards. The organisation was also looking for sim cards compatible with the hardware. Thingsdata was tasked with ensuring continuous and independent internet access for the parking meters.

What was the solution?

Using secure multi-network M2M SIM cards that roam on all Dutch networks, the parking systems maintain a safe and stable connection to the TMC cloud. The multi-network M2M SIM cards roam on the strongest network available (KPN, Odido or Vodafone). Thingsdata facilitates various solutions to guarantee secure redundant internet access and automatic backup scenarios.

For TMC Nederland and its customers, mainly municipalities and governments, it is essential that the parking systems always work. For this reason, Thingsdata provides 24/7 support to assist with malfunctions or changes. In addition to providing connectivity, we also provide TMC with the hardware for the parking meters.

The result

Thanks to Thingsdata’s connectivity solutions and hardware support, the parking meters maintain a continuous, reliable, and secure connection. In addition, TMC’s failure rate has fallen drastically. In the event of any malfunctions, we can also trouble shoot at a high level using Cisco’s SIM management system.

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