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Hardware is the source of information, it is equipped with intelligence that allows it to collect different types of information. Innovative hardware is not only capable of detecting and measuring, but can often act if equipped with components that can be controlled remotely. It also has a cellular module, which ensures that there is always a connection to the cloud. Thingsdata guides you in selecting the most suitable hardware.

Starting points

Sensors (off the shelf)

You can measure almost anything with sensors! They come in all shapes and sizes. And new types of sensors are added every day for very specific applications. An IoT device consists of a number of parts: one or more sensors, a battery or other power supply, a processor and a communication module.

LoRaWAN sensors

Sensors with LoRaWAN technology make it possible to send and receive small amounts of data. The speed at which data is sent and received is low and this allows the sensors to go into sleep mode. All our LoRaWAN sensors are of industrial quality and have been tested on different networks.

NB-IOT sensors

Narrowband IOT, also known as LTE Cat NB1, is an LPWAN technology that works almost anywhere. It connects sensors more easily and efficiently to existing mobile networks and processes small amounts of data safely and reliably. Features: very low power consumption and excellent range in buildings and underground.

5G routers

A 5G router makes it possible to set up a super-fast internet connection. 5G routers with IoT connectivity (simcard) use the mobile network for a wireless connection to the internet. This mobile data connection delivers download speeds that are ten times faster than a 4G internet connection.

4G routers

Our 4G router solutions ensure that you always and everywhere have access to fast and secure internet. We can connect installations with 4G internet remotely. Remote management is used for both support in troubleshooting and in performing management tasks of installations.

LTE M gateway

An LTE M gateway is specially designed for IoT applications within the industrial environment. The compact gateway can remotely monitor & manage multiple devices (installations and equipment) simultaneously. An LTE M gateway has a large number of variations of hardware and software features.

IOT gateway

An IoT gateway is an industrial router that is often used, for example, in ATMs, camera surveillance, remote management, smart energy & smart building applications. An IoT gateway is easy to install and can be widely used thanks to the different hardware interfaces (RS232, RS485, Mbus, Modbus, WiFi). Thingsdata has the exact configuration for every IoT application.

LoRa gateway

Within a LoRaWAN network, a LoRa gateway acts as a bridge between the LoRa devices and the network server of a network operator. The communication between the devices and a gateway takes place over LoRa, while the communication between a gateway and the network server takes place through the internet.


Together with strategic partners, we also design, develop and produce high-quality IoT hardware solutions (sensors and gateways). In doing so, we connect technology and business insights, according to your wishes, thereby contributing to the development of hardware that is future-proof.

Prototypes (testing)

Designing an IoT device with the required performance and battery life is no easy task. It requires insights into the many challenges you face. Thingsdata offers you the opportunity to test your IoT device. We can test these in combination with strategic partners before entering the market.


We can take care of the installation of hardware for you. We connect everything and ensure that it functions correctly. Technical employees take care of the installation of your sensors, routers and/or gateway on location. If you prefer to receive only the hardware, then this is also possible. We offer the desired solution for every customer.

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