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Reliable data processing

Capture unused data in an IoT portal and analyze it to improve. Large amounts of operational data can be easily analysed, visualized and even integrated with existing systems. With the advantage of determining which data is relevant for your organization. You can achieve this with a clear IoT portal. Thingsdata guides you in selecting the most suitable IoT portal for data collection, storage, reporting and analysis.

Starting points

Provisioning and management IOT devices

Thingsdata takes care of the provisioning and also monitors and manages the IoT devices in a secure way. Together we define the relationships between the devices, assets and customers. The process of provisioning involves configuring each device to send the IoT data to the right place and authenticate it on the network.

Process the IOT data

When we think of IoT, we are talking about data that flows continuously between a device and the cloud. Together with you, we define the data processing process, transform and standardize it. Thingsdata configures alarms, updates, inactivity of the IoT devices and user actions together with you.

Collect and visualize data

Thingsdata collects and stores the IoT data in a scalable way. We visualize your data with built-in or custom widgets and flexible dashboards and share it with you or your customers. The dashboards are updated in real-time and shows the current situation.


We offer the highest security. The Thingsdata IoT portals support encryption for multiple protocols (MQTT and HTTPS). There is also support for device verification and management of device credentials. We regularly have penetration tests performed to test our security measures throughout the entire chain.

Data storage

Your IoT devices collect and send data to our cloud. You have direct access to this IoT data through a secure access. We collect and store this IoT data in a reliable manner and provide extensive access to the data using one of our IoT portals or APIs.

Multi tenant

There is support for multiple tenants. One tenant can have multiple administrators and millions of customers and IoT devices. With a multi-tenant architecture you can offer your end customers a special part of the application including data, configuration, management of the users and the individual functionality of the tenant.

Device library

Choose from pre-integrated devices from one of our libraries from our IoT portals or have your own device added to a device library by our technical staff. We will analyze how easy the payload translation is to our IoT portals. It is also possible to make a payload converter available as standard in your environment.


Thingsdata also offers standard templates for device applications. When you add a new device, all you need to do is enter an identifier. To reduce the financial and usable impact, we have developed several templates that you can use immediately.

APIs for integrations

Whether you supply your own device to Thingsdata or are looking for a way to link to our services (IoT portals). Thingsdata offers multiple interfaces to communicate with our and your backend. We can intelligently combine the input of different APIs.


Launch your own IoT platform with corporate colors and logo (white label). All messages, notifications and e-mails are automatically provided with your corporate identity. We think it is important that you can convince your customers of the reliability of the IoT solution. A recognizable environment is indispensable in this.

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