Partners of Thingsdata


Entering into partnerships with strategic partners is crucial for Thingsdata to shape the various developments of the Internet of Things. With the partners below, we are working on interesting IoT challenges on a daily basis.

Tele-2 IoT M2M LTE M


TELE2 IOT offers Thingsdata first-class support for Internet of Things projects through a highly advanced M2M connectivity solution and supported services. In the M2M connectivity solution, 500 networks are available in one Cisco sim management system. With the TELE2 IOT solution, our customers can connect IoT ‘devices’ based on 2G, 3G and 4G in more than 180 countries.

Recognized by Gartner for its state of the art managed IoT services, TELE2 IOT is a very reliable partner with a highly motivated support team available 24/7.

Delmation Products is een specialist op het gebied van innovatieve IoT hardware.


Delmation Products is a specialist in the field of innovative IoT hardware. With a complete portfolio from sensors, gateways, routers to mini-PCs, it supports Thingsdata.

Delmation Products works together with Thingsdata on innovative IoT projects in the Netherlands and Belgium. Thinking along, providing IoT hardware solutions, giving support and service are of paramount importance to Delmation Products. Various projects have already been realized together in the field of IoT hardware complemented with IoT connectivity: M2M, NB-IOT, LTE M, LoRa, 4G or 5G.

De mogelijkheden zijn legio bij KPN: M2M, LTE M of LoRa.


KPN IOT offers us a very extensive portfolio of different types of connectivity. IoT sensors send data to the right place through a network. Which type of connectivity is best for this depends on the frequency and the type of data to be sent. The possibilities are endless at KPN: M2M, LTE M or LoRa.

Mainly being able to manage both M2M and LTE M from one sim management system, Thingsdata provides customers with a lot of convenience. KPN is also reliable and provides a very stable and high-quality service.

Miggy werkt aan meerdere innovatieve IoT projecten, voornamelijk op het gebied van ‘smart asset management’.


Miggy is an IoT system integrator, specialized in Internet of Things solutions. They collect valuable IoT data from the ‘field’ with the latest sensors and record this in a portal. They can easily analyse, visualize and even integrate large amounts of operational data with existing systems.

Miggy works together with Thingsdata on several innovative IoT projects, mainly in the field of ‘smart asset management’.

1NCE is een wereldwijde aanbieder van een M2M connectiviteit oplossing voor IoT


1NCE is a global provider of an M2M connectivity solution for IoT applications that require very little data usage (1 to 3 MB) per device per month. 1NCE has a very ‘disruptive’ prepaid pricing model, where 500 MB of prepaid data can be used for 10 years for only € 10.00.

Thingsdata intensively advises and guides customers who want to use the disruptive M2M connectivity solution from 1NCE and supports in monitoring and managing the often large numbers of M2M simcards.



Design studio DUNC is a specialist in the design, development and production of electronics housings and user interfaces for the professional market. From innovation and prototype to production and realization of your vision. The combination of close cooperation and experience with all steps in the development and production process leads to the desired end product.

Design studio DUNC supports Thingsdata as a strategic partner in realizing Internet of Things (IoT) challenges.