With the IoT solutions from Thingsdata you collect and send your data from installations, equipment and sensors to the cloud. Wonderful opportunities arise, but you do want your data to be securely terminated towards the cloud. We help you to deploy IoT securely. We provide text and explanation about the differences between applications and which guidelines there are from practice with which you protect your application. Thingsdata offers various IoT security applications.

Benefits of Security through Thingsdata

Private APN ensures that the device connects to a private, secured access point for exclusive and secure data transfer.

IP-SEC VPN encrypts and securely forwards all data traffic, ensuring the privacy and security of the information.

Whitelisting streamlines access management: approve IP addresses or FQDNs, add them to the APN access list for secure and authorized data flow.

Fixed IP address, we offer the possibility to assign a fixed IP address per simcard. Due to the fixed IP address, the simcard can be accessed directly.

IMEI lock, we can lock the simcards to the IMEI number of your device and this prevents data consumption in an unauthorized device.

Firewall, securing the company network with unprecedented performance and simplicity in management by means of a firewall.

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Frequently asked questions about security

What is IOT Security?

IoT security refers to the protection methods used to secure internet-connected devices. The term IoT is incredibly broad and as technology continues to evolve, the term has only broadened. From drinking water supplies, energy monitoring systems to ATM's, almost every technological device can communicate with the mobile internet or other devices to some degree. IoT security is the family of techniques, strategies and tools used to prevent IoT devices from being compromised.

Advantage of a fixed IP address on an IOT simcard?

Internet connections facilitate information exchange. To establish a connection, the sender and receiver need an IP address. The advantage of an IoT simcard with a fixed IP address is the support for 2-way communication (bidirectional data traffic). The IP address (a fixed IPv4 address) is reserved for the simcard and never changes. Every IoT simcard has a fixed IP address, making the device remotely accessible through the cloud. Communication is possible on all ports.

What is an IOT VPN?

You cannot communicate directly to an IoT simcard without a VPN. A VPN adds the IoT simcard to its own private network (closed internet environment). This creates a secure VPN tunnel between the cloud and the IoT simcard and an IoT device can be reached remotely, as if it were within your local network. The VPN controls all layers of security. No additional software needs to be installed on your IoT device. The VPN secures and automatically authenticates all data traffic. Only IoT simcards configured within their own private network can access your cloud.

Apply IMEI lock?

When configuring IoT devices, Thingsdata customers have the option to configure an IMEI lock. An IMEI number is a unique 15-digit serial number that is linked to each IoT device. The IMEI number is assigned to mobile devices by a manufacturer to identify them on a mobile network. The IMEI lock option allows you to lock the use of an IoT simcard on an IoT device. Even if an attacker has gained access to your IoT device, there is no possibility to abuse your IoT simcard by deploying it in another device.

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