Case: Hero Balancer

Hero Balancer

Smart savings on heating costs

At Hero Balancer they make large-scale heating installations intelligent by means of digital control. No distinction is made between different building management systems or different heat sources. Every heating installation must become smart and fulfill the needs of the user, the installer and a wallet.

It is a building management system for small, but also for medium-sized buildings. A plug-and-play control technology package that can be installed immediately. A control technology package contains: control box incl. controller, modem, power supply, clamp sensors & converters, I/O modules and indoor climate sensors (CO2, temperature, humidity and particulate matter). Thingsdata unlocks this plug & play control technology package with a secure multi-network M2M SIM card, so that stable and independent internet access is always available.

In addition, all building-related systems are visualized and controlled from the cloud to make the buildings where people live, work and learn sustainable and healthy. With the Hero Balancer software for the climate installation, an organization saves energy, gets a better indoor climate and has more control over the systems.

The eyes and ears of Hero Balancer are the different data streams. Thingsdata supplies the innovative indoor climate sensors to collect this valuable data.