Case: Hero Balancer

Hero Balancer

Who is Hero Balancer?

Hero Balancer was founded in 2017 with the vision to combat energy waste in large buildings. In most cases, organizations have no control over this. That is why Hero Balancer has developed a cloud building management system with the aim of making climate installations intelligent.

A Hero Balancer technician integrates existing installation components with the Cloud BMS (Building Management System). The connected Hero Balancer control technology package includes a control box with a controller, modem, power supply, clamp sensors and converters, I/O modules, and indoor climate sensors for CO2, temperature, humidity, and particulate matter. The installation components include boilers, pumps, valves, heat recovery units and an air handling unit.

The Cloud BMS manages heating and cooling based on weather forecasts, conducts preventive maintenance, optimizes heating and cooling schedules, and enables remote app management. The climate installations are easy to manage via the organization’s user-friendly software. The data from the climate installations is also stored securely and not provided to third parties.

What was the challenge?

Before partnering with Thingsdata, Hero Balancer relied on SIM cards limited to a single network. This can cause problems if redundancy occurs. In addition, the organization wanted to reduce peak consumption and have the climate systems respond to the weather forecast. Thingsdata has been given the challenge to ensure the continuity and guarantee of independent internet access for the entire control technology package to provide the building management system with current data.

What was the solution?

Thingsdata’s multi-network M2M SIM cards ensure reliable connectivity for Hero Balancer’s plug-and-play control technology package, guaranteeing stable and independent internet access. The multi-network SIM cards can roam on any network in the region. In addition to connectivity, Thingsdata also supplies the sensors to send the various data to the cloud. These data streams are crucial so that the software can make the right choices and forward them to the climate installations.

The result

Using Hero Balancer’s software, organizations not only save energy and improve the indoor climate but also gain enhanced control over their systems. The organization controls all building management systems from the cloud to promote sustainable consumption of climate installations and to make indoor spaces healthier. Thingsdata provides innovative indoor climate sensors that collect valuable data, leading to actionable energy-saving advice.