Internet of Things

What is Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things, often abbreviated as IoT, is a fast growing technology that connects the physical and virtual worlds. Many devices are already connected to their own internet access, making the world increasingly digital. Meanwhile, billions of devices are already connected with Internet of Things. Useful data is collected by these devices via smart applications and exchanged between systems and the cloud. That’s the Internet of Things!

Starting points


The IoT revolution is already in full swing. Useful information can be exchanged between systems and the cloud via smart applications. The emergence of mobile internet was the starting signal for connecting all kinds of devices even more easily. The devices increasingly use their own mobile internet access to connect to the cloud.

Data aggregation

The internet of things network of digital systems can capture, monitor and adapt every interaction between connected applications. Devices equipped with sensors are collecting more and more data. First the data is collected, then it is communicated and lastly it will be stored in the cloud

Big data

The usable data of all the big data that is collected must be used in order to be able to optimize various business processes. Simply put, the Internet of Things is a collection of devices that are connected via mobile internet and that collect online big data without human intervention.


Capture till now unused data in an asset management system and analyze it for optimization. Large amounts of operational data can be easily analysed, visualized and even integrated with existing systems. With the advantage of determining which information is relevant for your organization.

Minimize Downtime

With IoT, downtime can be minimized because it monitors components of the production process in real-time. This allows you to see a repair or replacement coming in advance and you can respond to it. IoT reduces product failures without endangering the production process.

Asset management

IoT optimizes asset management in terms of automation and intelligence. Using IoT sensors, companies can actively track specific information about their assets without human intervention. Not only can the Internet of Things transform traditional asset management, it can also help you develop new business models.


IoT applications allow tasks to be performed automatically without human activities. In this way, the number of employees can be reduced, errors can be reduced in business processes and valuable insights can also be created, which can results in lower operating costs and a more streamlined workflow.

Time saving

Connecting and making devices smarter with the Internet of Things saves you a lot of time. By reducing the number of human activities or even making them completely redundant, IoT makes the production process more efficient and processes are streamlined. By using smart insights, you can avoid complications and save a lot of time.

Predictive Maintenance

By making devices smart, the quality of the device can be constantly monitored. This makes it possible to predict and anticipate failures or problems remotely. Sending a technician or performing an update when you realize that a device is about to experience problems can save you time and money.

Accelerate innovation

Internet of Things gives organizations access to advanced analytics that uncover new opportunities. For example, organizations can set up highly targeted advertising campaigns by collecting data about customer behavior. Information that was always there is coming to light with the help of IoT.

Digital twin

A digital twin is a virtual representation that serves as the real-time digital counterpart of a physical object or process. As more complex “devices” become interconnected with the ability to produce data, having a digital equivalent gives professionals the ability to optimize implementations for maximum efficiency.


The possibilities with IoT are limitless. Internet of Things offers devices the opportunity to find out errors, all data is also stored in the cloud, so that you can always view all your data. Internet of Things offers solutions for every type of organization that wants to connect their devices to the internet and each other.

Cost saving

Human action is limited by the use of devices that are continuously connected to the cloud. Because many systems nowadays can be controlled remotely, this also reduces energy consumption and maintenance costs. IoT gives you access to actionable data to optimize processes.


IoT applications can be deployed in a customer-oriented manner to increase satisfaction and accessibility. Because of this possibility, trending products can be replenished quickly to prevent shortages. A big amount of devices can be monitored and managed through the use of Internet of Things.

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