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With your e-mail address and password, logging in to the Thingsdata portal is easy and safe. The Thingsdata portal is only accessible to authorized users. Anyone who uses this portal or the data contained therein without having been granted the right to use it, is acting unlawfully and will be prosecuted by the owner. If you want to add more users, please let us know at info@thingsdata.com.

By logging in to the Thingsdata portal you allow your actions to be logged and you agree to our terms and conditions.

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Terms and Conditions

As Thingsdata, we strive to be transparent in our business operations and to ensure that your privacy and rights are protected. In this context, we would like to draw your attention to our general terms and conditions and privacy policy, which apply to the use of our services.

To ensure that you as a user are aware of our terms and conditions and our privacy policy, we would like to refer you to:

To gain a better understanding of your rights and responsibilities, we strongly recommend that you carefully read our terms and conditions and privacy policy before logging into the Thingsdata portal. These documents provide detailed information on topics such as terms of use, liability, intellectual property, data collection, and how we protect your personal information.

You can also find our terms and conditions and privacy policy in the footer of our website. If you have any questions or comments about the contents of these documents, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to answer your questions and address any concerns.

We appreciate your trust in Thingsdata. By providing clear information, we want to ensure that you are fully aware of your rights and obligations.


Despite the constant care and attention we devote to the composition of the Thingsdata portal, it is possible that information published on this site is incomplete or contains imperfections. The information on this website is regularly supplemented and checked. Any changes can be made at any time with immediate effect and without any notice.

We cannot guarantee that the information on this website is suitable for the purpose for which it is consulted by you. All information is offered in the state in which it actually is and without any (implicit) guarantee or guarantee with regard to its soundness and suitability for a particular purpose or otherwise.

We exclude all liability for any direct or indirect damage, of any nature whatsoever, arising from or in any way related to the use of the Thingsdata portal, or the temporary inability to consult this website. We are also not liable for direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of information obtained through this website.

Responsible Disclosure

Thingsdata continuously works on the security of the ICT systems. However, it can happen that there is a weak spot in our Thingsdata portal. If you notice a weak spot, we would appreciate it if you would report this via an e-mail to info@thingsdata.com.

By reporting the vulnerability before making it known to the outside world, you enable us to take measures first. This is called Responsible Disclosure.