IOT support with Thingsdata

As a customer, you want to be able to use the IoT solutions delivered by Thingsdata without any worries. However, it may happen that you want to see things adjusted or are confronted with an incident. Even then we are of course ready for you. You can contact us for all your operational questions, changes and malfunctions. At Thingsdata we strive for a long-term and successful partnership with our customers. Our support department is an important part of this partnership, and we are ready to help you every step of your IoT journey.

Starting points

Support Department

The heart of Thingsdata is the support department. You can go here for questions, malfunctions and changes. The support department is occupied by employees with expertise in the field of IoT. The SLA (basic support) is a stand-by service from Thingsdata that gives you the opportunity to report a question, malfunction or change via 085-0443590, the help widget on and via on a best effort basis. The on-duty support employee will process the report. Based on the SLA conditions, a report follows of the work performed and any subsequent steps to be taken.


As a Thingsdata customer, you have the option of contacting our support department eight hours a day, five days a week. This is our basic Service Level Agreement service, but it is also possible to reach us by phone or email outside of office hours (24x7 and even on public holidays). It is possible to prioritize your report (faster response times). We have the following options: advanced SLA (5x8 support), premium SLA (7x4 support) and extended SLA (24x7 support). The SLA conditions depends on the underlying agreements with the suppliers of Thingsdata.

Ticketing system

Our support department uses an advanced ticketing system. When you submit a request by email ( or, we receive your report and we automatically create a support ticket in our ticketing system. Each ticket has a unique ID that you can use to request status or for further correspondence. After creating the support ticket and with every status change, you will also receive a confirmation by email. After creation, the support ticket is assessed on urgency level and forwarded to an employee with the right expertise.

Support IOT connectivity

For all your questions, malfunctions and changes related to IoT connectivity, you can contact our specialists in this field. Your questions are answered quickly with accuracy and in the event of a malfunction, the problem is identified, a course of action will be decided, whereafter it will be resolved. When there are ambiguities in the sim management system, experts will explain via email, telephone or a Teams conversation. Thingsdata's support employees explain topics, enrich data and implement changes, so that your solution is provided with the necessary connectivity.

Support IOT hardware

When you purchase a router, gateway or sensor from us, you may need help installing, configuring or maintaining this IoT hardware. When your device needs to be replaced or repaired, you can submit an RMA request, your returned device will be thoroughly inspected to determine the problem. When implemented hardware encounters problems, we support you by physically checking your configuration and the device and we correct the network settings if necessary. Thingsdata's support department has everything needed to get your device working again.

Support data processing

For all your questions, malfunctions and changes related to IoT data processing, you can contact our specialists in this field. We compile the portal for you and configure your data, if you encounter bugs we will correct this. If any retrieved information comes up that is difficult to understand, one of our experts will clear it up for you. Thingsdata guides you through the IoT portal for data collection, storage, reporting and analysis. Thingsdata's support department guarantees the availability and processing of all your IoT data, for optimalisation of your IoT solution.

How can you help submit a ticket?

If you encounter problems, we are happy to help, but you can positively influence the support process to get a solution as quickly as possible. For example, we would like to receive a clear description of the problem with every request and you can provide your customer number for extra efficiency. For connectivity problems, it helps if you provide the ICCID number, the date & timestamp, location of the simcard and a description of the device in question. For hardware problems it helps if you provide the serial number and log file. This information helps us to resolve your problems more efficiently.

Frequently asked questions about IOT support

Is there a knowledge base or FAQ available where I can find answers to frequently asked questions?

If you are a Thingsdata customer, you will have access to our Thingsdata portal, where you will also have access to our helpdesk. Below you will find an extensive selection of frequently asked questions that we receive at Thingsdata. If this does not provide sufficient support, you can of course contact us.

What are the procedures for returning or replacing defective products?

If a simcard is treated correctly, it has a lifespan of at least 10 years. For this reason, we do not replace defective SIM cards. When you purchase hardware from us and it encounters an unforeseen malfunction, you can report this in our ticketing system. After this has been processed, you can return your device. We then provide you with replacement hardware, while the defective hardware is checked by experts.

What support channels are offered?

Thingsdata can be reached on the following support channels, e-mail:, and via telephone number: 085 0443500. You will also receive a Thingsdata portal login, where all your tickets are visible and where our support department actively monitors. When something is not clear in our systems, we can start a Teams meeting for clarification.

What is the response time for support requests?

The response time at Thingsdata depends on the SLA agreements, as standard you have a Basic SLA including best effort. You get a guaranteed response within 8 hours with an Advanced SLA 5x8, within 4 hours with a Premium SLA 7x4 and within 1 hour with an Extended SLA 24/7. During working hours, Thingsdata does everything within its power to resolve your ticket as quickly as possible, but organizations with an SLA will be given priority during busy periods.