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Local & global IOT connectivity

IoT connectivity ensures that your installations, devices and sensors communicate through your own mobile internet access. We have the M2M, LTE M, NB-IOT and LoRa technologies standard in our portfolio. With our portfolio of IoT networks, Thingsdata offers the right mobile data solution for every application. There is intensive cooperation with a partner ecosystem, including the best roaming contracts nationally and internationally.

Starting points

It works anywhere in the world

Thingsdata provides coverage in more than 180 countries worldwide and supports all currently available networks: 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE M, NB-IOT and LoRa. In particular, the 2G, 3G and 4G networks are still an optimal solution if you are not yet ready to switch to LTE M, NB-IOT or LoRa.

It is compatible with any device

All you need is an IoT simcard, which works anywhere in the world and guarantees high levels of performance for every need. Our simcards are available in all forms: mini (2FF), micro (3FF), nano (4FF), sim-on-chip (MFF2 embedded), both standard and industrial versions.

Different subscription types

Thingsdata has competitive rates in all countries around the world and offers different subscription types: data bundle (pooled), pay as you go / pay when use and graduated (unpooled). Plus, you can mix the forms and have customizations made based on your business needs.

Multinetwork IOT simcards

Thingsdata uses secure multi-network IoT simcards, with more than 500 roaming partners and offers you the world's largest mobile coverage, so that your IoT devices have guaranteed internet access. The special thing about our IoT network is that it is always under development and is also available in hard-to-reach places.

Protection of your data

Data traffic is becoming more and more intensive, the number of users, devices and data consumption is increasing significantly. Thingsdata meets the highest international standards for privacy and security of your data. All IoT data is transported securely and encrypted according to the GSMA guidelines.

IOT connectivity always available

The demands made by organizations and society with regard to stability and continuity are rightly increasing. Thanks to the multinetwork functionality, the IoT simcard always connects to the provider with the strongest network coverage. This allows us to offer 99.5% guaranteed service availability.

Sim management system

Control your IoT simcard traffic from an effective and comprehensive sim management system. You can run a diagnostic on each simcard that provides information about its current status. Warnings can be set for you to keep you informed about specific simcard behaviour. You can also download total overviews for your own administration.

APIs for integrations

All control and management functions are available through APIs (SOAP or REST APIs). You can access and edit your data from an external application. Using the APIs, you can perform many of the same tasks that you can perform through the web interface of our sim management systems.

Data threshold and user alerts

Set usage limits and personalized alerts when certain thresholds are reached, set a maximum usage time for your IoT simcard, or set a notification for when an IoT simcard switched hardware. Every activity on your IoT simcard can be configured, customized and monitored.

Consumption data and costs

Manage the consumption of your devices in real time on a global scale (zones). View the call detail records with all specifications about the consumption. Easy insight into the amount of data, SMS and voice usage and their costs. You can also download total overviews for your own administration.

Location Based Services

The IoT simcards can be located through an advanced and accurate triangulation system. The location is determined by means of the distance from the IoT device to the cell towers in the vicinity. For LBS, no special hardware or software is required to determine the location data.


The big advantage of an eSIM is that you never have to replace a simcard again, but can look for another profile that you can configure over-the-air. You retain control over which operator you want to connect through. With the eSIM from Thingsdata you have a future-proof connectivity solution.


iSIM is a sim integrated with the processor core and encryption of the eUICC in a cellular module or system on a chip (SoC). Integrated simcards aim to address the shortcomings of the eSIM. Advantages are: less energy consumption, less footprint and therefore lower costs. The iSIM also has better security.

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