M2M simcards

M2M subscription

Machine to machine (M2M) makes it possible to connect installations, equipment and sensors remotely through secure multinetwork M2M simcards. Thingsdata offers various M2M solutions in combination with flexible contracts. We offer machine to machine solutions for both low and high data usage. The M2M simcards roam on the strongest network available in any country. Our M2M simcards are suitable for all M2M applications.

Benefits of M2M through Thingsdata

Different subscription types: data bundle (pooled), pay as you go and prepaid

Most purchased: data bundle 1, 5, 10, 100, 500, 1000 MB

No activation costs, duration and purchase obligation

Choice between different suppliers (independent)

Roaming over different networks per country throughout the EU (multi-network)

Coverage in 180 countries based on 500 networks

Networkspectrum 2/3/4/5 G

Optional: private APN

Optional: fixed IP-addresses

Suitable for SMS and Voice

No deadline for activation

M2M subscriptions with low rates

No minimum period active on the network

Including sim management system

Customized rate for 100+ M2M subscriptions

Choice of different providers with different communication and tariff plans

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Get the most suitable M2M simcards

Test simcards

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1-5 simcards

Receive the most suitable test simcards from one of our suppliers.

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To work

Get started in real time! Test the solution together with Thingsdata.

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Data volume

The appropriate amount of data per simcard per month (test duration: 1 month).

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Management Platform

Access to a management platform. Monitor and manage all your simcards in one platform.

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Ability to receive/send SMS messages within the test.

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Support Team

Our support team is always there for you. Receive tailor-made help!

Request our testkit

Our M2M test kit contains three SIM cards that allow you to test with 100 mb for three months free of charge.


Frequently asked questions about M2M

What is M2M?

M2M (Machine-to-Machine) communication enables remote monitoring and management of installations, equipment, and sensors. In order to communicate, these devices are equipped with an M2M simcard or also called an IoT simcard. The data is then read out via 4/3/2G and routed to the cloud. With M2M simcards you can make business processes and services more efficiënt, save costs and create new business models.

How does it exactly works?

With M2M communication, data is accessed from a device. A secured M2M simcard is placed in a device. The APN provided by us must be configured in the device settings. The intelligent M2M simcard then has access to the 4/3/2G radio network of several networks. The device can then establish a successful connection and is assigned an IP address.

What can I do with a sim management system?

A sim management system is a web-based environment in which all M2M simcards are clearly arranged. M2M applications often involve monitoring and managing several tens to thousands of M2M simcards. Specific management platforms have been designed for this where you have full control, which offer our customers the possibility to apply inventory management, real-time insight and lifecycle management.

M2M examples

Practical examples of customers who implement M2M simcards from Thingsdata for: the remote reading of drinking water supplies worldwide, unlocking valuable data from energy monitoring systems in the Benelux, a 4G backup so that stores of retail organizations can continue in the event of a fixed internet connection continue to work, guaranteeing internet access when making payments through vending machines.