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IOT consultancy with Thingsdata

IoT offers many opportunities for your organization, but at the same time it is a challenging process to embark on, especially if you do not have all the knowledge and skills. Thingsdata customers and prospects have access to our knowledge and expertise in the field of IoT connectivity, hardware and data processing. Thingsdata inventories and translates your needs into a phased plan. We support you with your IoT process, so feel free to contact us for a no-obligation consultation. Here is an explanation of how we use IoT consultancy in every development phase.

Starting points

Phase 1: Orientation

During the first phase, it is examined how IoT can benefit your organization and or support it in the use cases you have indicated. Based on this orientation, a business strategy can be established and support for the vision can be found. Thingsdata works with you to choose the right router, gateway or sensor and the associated connectivity and software based on your business needs and requirements.

Phase 2: Design

In this phase, the IoT solution is determined, on the basis of which the business value can be validated. Organizational and technical changes are also determined. Contracts can then be drawn up with various parties, as well as an action plan for implementation. Thingsdata supports in various ways, we delve into your application, use of partner network (for hardware & data) and proof of concepts.

Phase 3: Implementation

After drawing up the contracts, the development and implementation starts, during the development all necessary components for your IoT solution are brought together. From IoT hardware, IoT connectivity and business intelligence integration of a extensive and accessible IoT platform. We monitor the solutions and think along with your organization about the next steps.

Phase 4: Optimization

After the transfer, we implement optimizations where necessary and there is regular coordination about the adoption, expansion and optimization of the solution. Thingsdata's dedicated support team helps you with all your questions, malfunctions and changes, with the aim of optimizing your IoT solution as far as possible. We always strive to streamline your operations and deliver a good solution.

Our consultants

Our team at Thingsdata consists of experienced IoT consultants who advise and support several customers on a daily basis. Our consultants ensure that valuable and actionable insights are generated, available to business users for productivity optimization and business process transformation, which is based on applied insights and analysis. Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation consultation to further your business in the IoT market.

Frequently asked questions about IOT consultancy

What is IoT consultancy?

IoT consultancy is a service where experts in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) advise and guide organizations in developing, implementing and optimizing IoT solutions. It includes providing strategic advice, technical expertise and project management for successful IoT implementations.

What are the benefits of hiring an IoT consultant?

Hiring an IoT consultant offers several benefits, including:
  • Expert advice in designing an effective IoT strategy
  • Help in identifying valuable IoT applications within the organization
  • Technical expertise for selecting suitable IoT hardware, connectivity and data processing
  • Guidance in the implementation, integration and scaling of IoT solutions
  • Risk management and security consulting for the protection of IoT systems and data

How can an IoT strategy contribute to the success of an organization?

A well thought out IoT strategy can contribute to business success by:
  • Improve operational efficiency and cost savings
  • Create new revenue streams and business opportunities
  • Strengthening customer relationships and providing personalized experiences
  • Accelerating innovation and competitive advantage in the market
  • Optimization of business processes and decision-making based on real-time data

How can an IoT consultant help with the implementation of IoT solutions?

An IoT consultant can help with the implementation of IoT solutions by:
  • Identifying suitable IoT use cases and applications for the organization
  • Advising in the choice of the right IoT technologies and suppliers (including Thingsdata)
  • Assist in the development of an implementation plan and project management
  • Guiding the integration of IoT systems with existing infrastructure
  • Providing expertise in data collection, analysis and security

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