4G or LTE M gateway

Gateways are located between edge systems (PLCs), devices and the cloud. With edge systems and devices you can think of installations, devices and sensors. An IoT (Industrial) gateway exchanges useful information to the cloud by means of a mobile internet connection. Gateways basically offer more functionality than a router and can also work with serial ports RS232 and RS485, Modbus or MBus as well as analog and digital inputs & outputs.

Advantages of a gateway via Thingsdata

IoT gateways with a robust and compact design

IoT connectivity via 2/3/4G or LTE M

Available Ethernet ports (LAN)

Serial ports RS232 and RS485

Modbus: TCP master, RTU master, Modbus over MQTT

Configurable analog and digital inputs & outputs

IP-SEC VPN support

Includes remote management system

Collect sensor data via LoRa, WiFi or Bluetooth

FOTA support

External antennas

Gateway as a service available (subscription)

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IoT (industrial) gateways

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4G or LTE M IOT gateway

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Frequently asked questions about gateways

What is an IOT gateway?

An Internet of Things (IoT) gateway is hardware that acts as a connection point between installations, devices, sensors and the cloud. All data going from a PLC to the cloud goes through the IoT gateway. An IoT gateway is also known as an intelligent gateway, MQTT gateway or control tier.

What is a PLC?

A programmable logic controller (PLC) is an electronic device with a microprocessor that controls its outputs based on the information on its various inputs. In the industry, machines are often controlled with PLCs and are part of automation. Exactly how the PLC reads in its data depends on the interface cards installed and the fieldbus networks through which different devices exchange data with each other.

What can I do with a management system?

There are several Remote Management Systems for routers. This RMS system is indispensable if you want to roll out larger numbers of routers and want to manage them remotely as much as possible.

Industrial or IOT gateway examples

Case studies from customers implementing Thingsdata gateways for: Remotely solving PLC problems when a custom machine is down, predicting machine maintenance and pre-analyzing which part needs to be replaced, and manage data from multiple buildings for central security in your building management system (GBS).

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