Case: Envitron


Sustainable energy systems

With the innovative IoT gateway technology from Envitron in Groningen, you can easily map multiple energy flows in buildings or homes. By allowing devices and meters to chat with each other, the devices get to know each other better and most devices can be controlled in a smarter way.

By smartly controlling equipment such as batteries, charging stations and heat pumps, you get the maximum sustainable return from your building. Combine the generation, consumption and storage of energy and get more out of your energy system. Smart management based on multiple data streams is where the profit lies. The energy market is increasingly moving towards dynamic energy prices. With Envitron you can match the power on the energy market and your end customers can benefit from new opportunities in the energy market.

From 2021, the energy saving obligation will be strictly enforced and you run the risk of a fine if you do not comply. Envitron offers you a suitable solution to prevent this. Use overarching KPIs to detailed graphs and useful alerts. Envitron provides insight into your consumption data in a simple way.

Thingsdata provides on the one hand the M2M SIM cards based on 4G for the IoT gateway, so that Envitron always has insight into the energy flows of customers, and on the other hand Z-Wave sensors for temperature and humidity, among other things, that wirelessly unlock the data through the same IoT gateway.