Case: Envitron


Who is Envitron?

Starting in 2021, the energy-saving obligation will be strictly enforced, and non-compliance will result in fines. Envitron is responding to these developments with its solutions. The organization has developed an IoT gateway, the Envi.Base, which can be linked to multiple devices. By allowing devices and meters to communicate, the system enhances device interoperability and enables smarter control.

Envitron develops IoT gateways to collect data from various devices, monitoring multiple energy flows in buildings and homes. They also develop software that utilizes this data to optimize energy flows. This is then made transparent with dashboards.

By intelligently controlling devices such as batteries, charging stations and heat pumps, you get the maximum sustainable yield from your building. Combine the generation, consumption and storage of energy and get more out of your energy system. Smart management based on multiple data streams is where the profit lies. The energy market is increasingly moving towards dynamic energy pricing. With Envitron, you can align power with the energy market and your end customers can benefit from new energy market opportunities.

What was the challenge?

Envitron’s IoT Gateway is used to:

  • Measuring various energy flows;
  • Controlling devices;
  • Switching energy assets;
  • Optimising energy systems.

Based on this data, the algorithm is trained, allowing optimisation of energy consumption. Envitron was looking for a reliable partner to provide connectivity to its IoT Gateway. Thingsdata was given the challenge of ensuring continuity and guaranteeing independent internet access for this ‘data as a service’.

What was the solution?

Thingsdata supplies secure multi-network M2M SIM cards based on 4G technology for the IoT gateway, ensuring Envitron always has insight into its customers’ energy flows.

The result

Thanks to Thingsdata’s SIM cards, Envitron maintains a secure and constant 4G connection, enabling the Envi.Base’s algorithm to consistently make the most economical choices, thereby saving on energy costs and reducing the organization’s carbon footprint.

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