Case: Sigrow


Growing the perfect harvest in the greenhouse with modern sensors

Sigrow produces wireless sensor technology for horticulture. Through their platform, they provide valuable insights for any greenhouse complex. They also advise growers on how to optimize their crops, increase their quality and save energy or water. Easily gain insight into the climate data by means of sensors.

By means of these modern and innovative sensors from Sigrow, growers can find hidden bottlenecks, analyze local fluctuations and ultimately ensure an optimal climate for the plants in a greenhouse. As operations grow, greenhouse production has also become more sensitive to local environmental fluctuations in the greenhouse. With a view to better quality and production, every grower wants to have a precise picture of what is happening in his greenhouse. For this reason, Sigrow introduces this innovative wireless sensor technology.

By means of secured LTE M SIM cards, the future-proof successor to 2G, the Sigrow sensors are provided with independent and stable internet access. The coverage of LTE M SIM cards is stronger than a 2G network and has the advantage of a deeper penetration rate, which means that the coverage in mainly greenhouse complexes is a lot better.

Thingsdata provides the ‘data as a service’ through the LTE M SIM cards for the sensors, so Sigrow always has insight into the status of the exact circumstances of its customers and the guarantee that they are always connected.