Case: Sigrow


Who is Sigrow?

With a view to better quality and production, every grower wants a precise picture of what is happening in their greenhouse. This is because horticulture is a highly competitive industry where every small improvement can provide a significant competitive advantage. As operations get bigger, greenhouse production has also become more sensitive to local environmental fluctuations in the greenhouse. For this reason, Sigrow is introducing innovative wireless sensor technology for horticulture.

Through its proprietary platform, Sigrow offers valuable insights for each greenhouse complex. Based on this data, Sigrow advises growers on how to optimise their crops and thus save energy or water. Using Sigrow’s modern and innovative sensors, growers can identify hidden bottlenecks, analyze local fluctuations, and ultimately ensure an optimal climate for their plants.

What was the challenge?

Sigrow’s sensors are deployed worldwide. Many of these places are difficult to reach, think for example, arable and crop fields in Asia or South America. Thingsdata was given the challenge of ensuring a reliable and constant connection in these locations.

What was the solution?

Using secure LTE-M SIM cards, which are the future-proof successors to 2G networks, Sigrow’s sensors are provided with independent and stable internet access. LTE-M SIM cards offer stronger coverage than 2G networks, with the advantage of deeper penetration, significantly improving coverage in greenhouse complexes. In addition, LTE SIM cards are globally deployable, energy-efficient and feature a fallback to the 2G network.

The result

For Sigrow’s clients, it is crucial to have insight into conditions in greenhouses so that crops or plants grow optimally. Thingsdata provides ‘data as a service’ via LTE-M SIM cards for the sensors, giving Sigrow constant insights into the exact conditions of its customers’ environments and ensuring they are always connected. Based on this data, Sigrow advises its customers for optimisation of greenhouse conditions.