Case: Route42

Route42 case

Connected fleetmanagement solution

Thingsdata provides secure connectivity for Route24’s leading transportation intelligence platform, which offers a wide range of applications for trucks and trailers on the road. Route42 is a leader in data-driven movement, revolutionizing the transportation industry with accessible business intelligence.

Route42 has a leading intelligence platform that provides a wide range of applications for the cost efficiency, sustainability and safety of trucks and trailers on the road. By consolidating various information such as location, acceleration, braking, fuel level and tire pressure, Route42 can analyze this data through their ‘driving behavior’ algorithm. This in turn gives drivers real-time notifications and insights on how to reduce fuel consumption and thus lower the impact on the environment.

Thingsdata’s secure multi-network M2M simcards can automatically switch between all European networks, ensuring the best connectivity available, regardless of the vehicle’s location. It guarantees the best connectivity in all European countries and the SIM cards can be managed and monitored in a state of the art sim management system.

When Route42 talks to end customers, they are normally quite resistant to sim change, but if we show them the benefits and keep their fleet management simple, it’s a logical choice.