Case: LENS


Collect measurement data from solar systems

LENS specializes in supplying, managing and monitoring solar systems for landlords and large roof owners. LENS develops, finances, realizes and manages solar installations on commercial and social real estate throughout the Netherlands. The projects that LENS carries out vary between 500 and approximately 5000 solar panels.

The inverters that LENS installs and connects to the solar systems are provided by Thingsdata with a secured multi-network M2M SIM card. This M2M simcard based on the eUICC standard (e-sim) ensures that LENS always has continuity and guarantee of the measurement data of the solar systems. LENS therefore operates independently of the LAN environment of the landlord or large roof owner. Due to the multi-network functionality, the M2M SIM card roams on the strongest available network (KPN, T-Mobile or Vodafone).

Once the solar system is up and running, the yield of the solar power can be tracked in the LENS monitoring platform. This means that both tenants and managers can see at all times how much solar power the panels generate. The monitoring system works 24/7 and automatically indicates when maintenance is required.

At LENS it is essential that they can guarantee the continuity of the ‘data as a service’ for the LENS monitoring platform. Thingsdata provides the stable internet access to guarantee this service.