Case: iwell


Who is iwell?

It is becoming increasingly complex to upgrade the current grid infrastructure or connect new businesses to the power grid. iwell responds to increasing grid congestion with its batteries, making organisations virtually independent. iwell is an independent and self-sufficient energy supplier, guided by the vision of ‘clean and affordable energy for everyone’

iwell achieves this by producing intelligent batteries that store clean wind and solar power generated by the company and deliver it back when needed. The cubes are the beating heart that connects all systems in buildings in an energy-efficient way. The organisation offers three cubes depending on the amount of power to be stored: solutions range from 35kWh to 1+ mWh. All these battery modules are also expandable.

What was the challenge?

iwell supplies its batteries to organisations across Europe. Thingsdata was given the challenge of achieving continuity and guaranteeing independent internet access for the batteries. In some cases, coverage from the mobile networks to the batteries is disrupted by attenuation values. These could be large buildings in the area, lifts, HR++ glass, or steel beams.

What was the solution?

Using secure multi-network M2M SIM cards that roam on all networks, the Cube maintains independent and stable 4G access. In large countries like Germany and France, multiple network operators ensure a stable internet connection across many regions. If a network goes down where the battery is roaming, the SIM card jumps to an active network with the best signal within milliseconds. This is because the SIM card is constantly searching for the best network.

This gives customers real-time insight into various data through a digital performance monitoring system, including energy generated, energy consumed, and CO2 levels. At times of very high demand, the batteries supply power at lightning speed. These peak moments cause a heavy load on the energy network. If you reduce this peak load, you can achieve a lower grid connection for buildings and save costs.

The result

By increasing the efficiency of solar panels and other energy systems, iwell reduces the ecological footprint of organisations and accelerates the energy transition, creating a more sustainable, cleaner and greener world. At iwell, it is essential to be able to react quickly to peak moments that cause heavy load on the energy network. By monitoring data, smarter decisions can be made. Thingsdata provides stable 4G internet access to ensure these services.

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