Case: iWell


Modular battery system for your building

IWell is an independent and self sufficient energy supplier, with the vision: “Clean and affordable energy for everyone”. iWell achieves this by means of intelligent batteries (The Cube) that store clean wind and solar power and supply it back when necessary. The Cube is the beating heart that connects all systems in your building in an energy efficient way.

By means of secured multi network M2M simcards that roam on all networks, the Cube has independent stable internet access. This gives you real time insight into your generation and consumption and the CO2 content in a digital performance monitoring system. At times when the demand is very high, the battery supplies power at lightning speed. These peak moments place a heavy load on the energy network. If you lower the peak load, you can get a lower grid connection for your building and save costs.

By increasing the efficiency of solar panels and other energy systems, iWell reduces the ecological footprint and accelerates the energy transition, resulting in a more sustainable, cleaner and greener world. For large scale energy applications, iWell offers the Power Cube and Mega Cube.

At iWell it is essential to be able to respond quickly to peak times that place a heavy load on the energy network. Thingsdata provides the stable internet access to guarantee this service.