Case: Moodus

Intelligent digital donation terminal

Fewer and fewer people carry cash and this causes a decrease in cash donations, but there is a solution. Moodus makes it possible to collect contactless donations quickly, easily and in a friendly way. Moodus achieves this through their intelligent digital donation terminal. The payment system allows you to pay contactless and is easy to use.

Thanks to secure multi-network M2M simcards that roam on all networks, the donation terminals have independent and stable internet access via 4G. Moodus offers a digital monitoring system where their customers have real-time insight into the collected donations. There are three donation options (usually € 2, 5 and 10) that you can choose from, after which you can easily complete your payment. Due to the different models that Moodus has in their portfolio, there is always a suitable donation terminal for your environment.

More than 300 donation terminals have already been rolled out in six countries at various locations. You can think of animal parks, churches, mosques, hospitals, museums, theaters and concert halls. Institutions that use the Moodus donation terminals see that the amount of donations that come in is greater than before.

At Moodus it is essential that payments can be processed flawlessly in a short period of time via the donation terminal. Thingsdata provides the stable mobile internet access via 4G to guarantee this service.