Case: Moodus

Who is Moodus?

Changing preferences for payment methods are creating a number of challenges for organizations that rely on donations. Donations used to consist largely of cash; however, currently, 80 percent of transactions in the Netherlands take place digitally. As a result, there are fewer and fewer people carrying cash and able to make donations.

Moodus was founded to capitalise on this trend: the company has developed a digital donation column. Donors can donate the desired amount quickly, easily and in a friendly contactless way via debit card or smartphone. Surrounding the digital donation column is a board that displays company information.

What was the challenge?

Moodus’ donation kiosks can be found in various locations across Europe. These include zoos, churches, mosques, hospitals, museums, theatres, and concert halls. Thingsdata was given the challenge of ensuring continuous connectivity for the hundreds of donation kiosks within Europe. Continuous network connectivity is crucial for ensuring that payment transactions run smoothly.

What was the solution?

Thanks to Thingsdata’s secure multi-network M2M SIM cards, which roam on all networks, the donation kiosks have independent and stable internet access via 4G. In large countries like Germany and France, multiple network operators ensure a stable internet connection across many regions. If the network connection is lost, the SIM card immediately jumps to the active network with the best signal within milliseconds. This rapid switch is possible because the SIM card is constantly searching for the best available network.

The result

At Moodus, it is essential for payments via the donation terminals to be processed quickly. To guarantee this service, Thingsdata provides stable mobile internet via 4G and monitors the SIM cards using the Cisco SIM management system. Additionally, organizations using Moodus donation terminals have reported an increase in the number of donations.

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