Update NB-IOT roaming list Vodafone IOT

Update NB-IOT roaming list Vodafone IOT

With NB-IOT it is possible to connect installations, equipment and sensors remotely via NB-IOT simcards. The network has been specially developed for IOT applications and is based on the reliable and secure 4G networks of the providers. NB-IOT uses a specific frequency that is strong enough to pass through thick walls and can even be used underground. As a result, it offers cover in the most challenging situations.

NB-IOT applications

It is suitable for applications where the average data consumption is between 500KB and 5MB, for example the remote reading of water levels by means of innovative sensors, unlocking valuable data with sensors placed in homes and collecting measurement data from inverters linked to solar systems.

Delivery of NB-IOT simcards

Thingsdata supplies secure NB-IOT simcards that can be used in almost 20 European countries (see roaming list below). The NB-IOT simcards are managed in a GDSP sim management system. Within the GDSP sim management system you get an admin account with insight into all simcards (status and data usage).

These are all countries in the world where NB-IOT is already available through the Vodafone IOT portfolio.


  • Austria – T-Mobile and Mobilkom
  • Belgium – Base and Proximus
  • Czech Republic – Vodafone and T-Mobile
  • Denmark – Telenor and TDC
  • Estonia – Elisa
  • Finland – DNA Oy
  • Germany – Vodafone and T-Mobile
  • Greece – Vodafone
  • Hungary – Vodafone
  • Ireland – Vodafone
  • Italy – Vodafone
  • Netherlands – Vodafone and T-Mobile
  • Norway – Telenor
  • Portugal – Vodafone
  • Romania – Vodafone
  • Russia – MTS
  • Spain – Vodafone
  • Switzerland – Sunrise
  • United Kingdom – Vodafone

Rest of world:

  • Australia – Vodafone
  • Malaysia – Maxis
  • New Zealand – Vodafone
  • Puerto Rico – AT&T
  • South Africa – Vodacom
  • Sri Lanka – Dialogue
  • Taiwan – FarEasTone
  • United States – AT&T
  • Vietnam – Vietel

For more information, you can contact us via telephone number 085-0443500 or by mail to info@thingsdata.com.