Thingsdata provides a plug & play IoT solution for heat pumps!


The cabinet announced in May 2022 that a hybrid heat pump will become the standard for heating homes from 2026. Together with installers and suppliers of heat pumps, the government wants to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy. According to government figures, a heat pump saves 60 percent on natural gas consumption. In order to make this transition as smooth as possible, the government offers a subsidy amounting to 30 percent of the purchase price of a heat pump. Because of this transition, Thingsdata has created a plug & play solution to support all installers.

Due to the close collaboration between technology companies Delmation, Thingsdata and Withthegrid, all functionalities are available to connect heat pumps, unlock valuable data and control it if desired. By combining the IoT hardware from Delmation, IoT connectivity from Thingsdata and the Withthegrid portal, a plug-and-play solution for heat pumps is created, allowing installers to quickly and easily manage their heat pumps remotely.

To exchange useful information from the heat pumps to the cloud, we use innovative gateways with RS-485 from Teltonika, including monitoring and management. The gateways request the modbus registers and send them to an MQTT broker. We provide these gateways with secured multi network M2M simcards that roam on the strongest network available. Withthegrid picks it up from the MQTT broker. They parse the payload they receive from the MQTT broker and convert it into useful information for the installer. With the help of the Withthegrid portal you always have real-time insight and control over your heat pumps and by means of control signals it is possible to adjust the configuration remotely.

If you are interested in the plug-and-play solution for heat pumps, please contact us via telephone number 085-0443500 or by email to