Thingsdata launches its Internet of Things Webshop!

Banner Webshop

After a long period of working on the design, the time has finally come, Thingsdata is launching its brand new Internet of Things webshop. In the webshop we still carry the same products and services that you are used to from us, but now everything is also digitally transparent and available. The webshop is also equipped with a completely responsive design, which makes it very accessible on your smartphone and tablet in addition to the PC.

The webshop offers a clear overview of the different types of IoT hardware and IoT connectivity that Thingsdata has in its product portfolio. The filter options allow you to navigate through the various products and related services in a streamlined and fast manner. For example, you can apply multiple filters to IoT connectivity, so that only the IoT simcards that are applicable to your business case are visible.

Together with the launch of the new webshop, Thingsdata also introduces a number of new IoT connectivity products: BLUE IOT (M2M proposition with very competitive prices) and BLACK IOT (an very affordable simcard that can be used in all corners of the world). You can also easily order test kits to test simcards.

In addition to our wide range of IoT connectivity, we also offer various Teltonika gateways and routers with related services. In the near future we will add even more IoT hardware.

We are very proud of the end result and would like to thank Qstylez from Volendam, our webshop specialist, for the entire process, from idea to realization. In particular, we would like to thank Kees Tol for the guidance. In addition, Thijs has been extremely important internally with regard to the design of the WooCommerce system. We would like to thank Thijs enormously for his passion and willingness to take on any technical challenge.

In the near future we will continue to innovate and further supplement the webshop with all kinds of IoT products and services.

For more information about the new Thingsdata webshop, you can contact us via telephone number 085-0443500 or by mail to