Thingsdata included in the Smart City Plaza expert team

Thingsdata and Smart City Plaza

Smart City Plaza is an independent platform for governments, consultants and installers with Smart City solutions for public spaces. The mission of Smart City Plaza is to help urban planners, managers, administrators and everyone involved in urban planning in the practical realization of the smart city.

Thingsdata – Smart City Plaza

So your municipality is faced with parking problems, or is looking for a sustainable design for public space, or in whatever way you want to improve your city, village or outdoor space. Together with Smart City Plaza, Thingsdata provides advice on the most innovative smart city products.

The platform is an initiative of a collective of advisors with various specializations who support governments in the concrete implementation of smart city projects. Smart City Plaza notices every day that information about smart solutions and innovations is not easy to find and is not offered centrally. There are many smart city initiatives and just as many innovative products and solutions are being developed, but you still have to find them. That is why they have put all products for the smart city together in one overview. This saves a lot of time searching for the right solution and makes it easier to compare different solutions.

What Smart City Plaza wants to achieve is that we all become smarter and can get to work on organizing the outdoor space as well as possible. Smart City Plaza will help with this by sharing knowledge. As an experience expert, Thingsdata will give substance to issues surrounding IoT connectivity. With an independent and extensive portfolio of IoT connectivity, Thingsdata facilitates secure internet access for every application. IoT connectivity ensures that your installations, devices and sensors communicate via your own secure mobile internet access.

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