Teltonika’s three new routers

Teltonika's three new routers

In 2007, Teltonika introduced the first router based on mobile technology, the RUT100, which marked the beginning of the Teltonika brand. The RUT100 devices are still being successfully used in some industrial sectors. However, a lot has happened since 2007. Today we want to focus on devices from the RUT2** and RUT9** series. Let’s take a look at how these devices became so successful.

Bestsellers of all time

If you’re somewhat familiar with Teltonika, the RUT240, RUT950 and RUT955 may be the products you’ve heard the most about. The RUT950 was launched in 2014 and the RUT955 the following year. The devices from the RUT9** series were the first to have 4G, dual SIM failover and WAN backup simultaneously. These devices enabled application scenarios where wired connectivity was not available, while the use of mobile communications ensured connection continuity in mission critical communication situations.

In addition to the RUT950’s extensive feature list, the later launched RUT955 presented serial communication interfaces (RS232/RS485), enabling even more applications in industrial environments.

A few years later, Teltonika launched the RUT2** series routers and they became very popular over time, as they offer a lot of high-end industrial features packed into an ultra-compact design. These devices are small (with dimensions of 83 x 25 x 74 mm) and can be easily integrated into limited spaces.

Adapting to the Global Challenges

The RUT2** and RUT9** series of devices have contributed enormously to Teltonika’s immense growth. The benefits of these devices were discovered by many as more and more IoT solutions were implemented worldwide. Teltonika developed reliable, safe and easy-to-use products with high added value and pioneering features in the industry. But like many other electronics manufacturers, they were hit in 2020 by the global chip shortage crisis.

There are probably very few people who haven’t heard of or been affected by this problem. The shortage of components has inevitably left Teltonika’s warehouses empty and they have been looking for alternative solutions to keep their supply chain moving. As each new crisis brings opportunities, Teltonika has launched three new products as a result.

Introducing three new products!

The latest additions to the RUT2** and RUT9** series are: the RUT241, RUT951, and RUT956. You may notice that these new models look familiar to you. They are indeed built with the same housing as the previous products in this series, but inside there are some essential differences. Teltonika has designed alternative products with different chipsets to give customers options that offer the same benefits as the other models and can be supplied in the current crisis.

If you compare the RUT240 and RUT241, you will see similar dimensions and interfaces. It offers three connectivity options (mobile, WiFi and wired), a digital I/O and three antenna connections. Within these routers you will find different CPUs: Qualcomm Atheros Hornet (MIPS 24Kc 400MHz) in the RUT240 and MediaTek (MIPS 24Kc 580MHz) in the RUT241. The RUT241 comes with a doubled RAM capacity of 128 MB.

The situation with the RUT951 and RUT956 is quite similar. The RUT951 comes with MediaTek (MIPS 24Kc, 580MHz) as an alternative to Qualcomm (MIPS 74Kc, 550MHz), which is traditionally used in the RUT950. The same goes for the RUT956 with MediaTek (MIPS 24Kc, 580MHz), which replaced the Atheros Wasp (MIPS 74Kc, 550MHz) in the RUT955.

Teltonika’s new alternative products have already proven their value and benefits in the market. Choosing one of these new options means that the devices are ready to ship and can be deployed directly into your IoT projects, simultaneously or instead of previous versions.

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