Tele-2 IOT launches Cloud Interconnect

Tele-2 IOT collaboration with Equinix

Tele-2 IOT launches Cloud Interconnect for customers where latency and security are critical.

Our strategic partner Tele-2 IOT is proud to announce the launch of Cloud Interconnect, in partnership with Equinix. In today’s digital economy, where business business models are increasingly interdependent, interconnection is essential for success. Interconnection brings IoT devices closer together through IoT connectivity, the cloud and data through a secure physical and virtual system. Equinix connects the world’s leading organizations with more than 180 data centers.

Interconnection with Azure, AWS and Google

Tele-2 IOT’s Cloud Interconnect connects you to your chosen Cloud Service Providers (CSP), using Equinix and the already established wired connections between Tele-2 IOT and the CSP. The data is fully secured in Tele-2 IOT’s fiber optic network, so that you are not exposed to the risks of the public internet. You can also easily connect to local CSPs: Azure, AWS, Google and Oracle that are locally present at Equinix. You can easily and securely scale, apply network flexibility, and connect directly to CSPs.

Cloud interconnect and latency

Cloud Interconnect offers the lowest possible latency on the market. The best way to achieve the lowest latency is to choose one CSP that is as close as possible to Tele-2 IOT’s local connections. This solution does not require you to have your own fixed connection to the Tele2 IOT network. However, it is required that you have an agreement with (at least) one of the present CSPs.


Today we can offer local and remote connections to the following CSPs in EMEA, among others: Microsoft Azure, Amazon, Google Cloud and Oracle. Installation is quick as there is no need to order fixed connections. Tele-2 IOT simply connects the chosen CSP to Equinix.

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