T-Mobile will definitively switch off 2G in November

T-mobile shut 2G down

The mobile network consists of a number of network spectrums: the 2G, 3G, 4G and soon also the 5G network. The 2G network has been around since 1999. To keep the T-Mobile network as a whole suitable for the ever-growing data traffic, it is necessary to make room for 4G and 5G. This is only possible by turning off the outdated 2G network.

2G phase-out

T-Mobile will switch off the 2G network in November 2020. Will you notice anything about this? Yes that is possible. If you have hardware that is only suitable for a 2G network and only the 2G network spectrum of T-Mobile is used, then this hardware can no longer be used in combination with a T-Mobile subscription after November 2020. In that case, a sim change must be performed!

Thingsdata advises on the phasing out of T-Mobile’s 2G network and how this will affect an organization’s IoT strategy. If the hardware has not yet been written off, it is possible to continue with a multi-network M2M simcard that makes use of the 2G network spectrum of both KPN and Vodafone. Both operators have issued a continuity guarantee that 2G will remain ‘in the air’ until 2025!

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