Router for the LTE M1 network

Router for the LTE M network

The LTE-M network has been specially developed for Internet of Things applications and is based on the reliable and secure 4G networks of the providers. The coverage of LTE M is stronger than a 2G network and has the advantage of a deeper penetration rate, which means that the coverage in mainly buildings is many times better.

LTE M applications

LTE-M is suitable for applications where there will be limited data traffic. For example, camera applications are not suitable for LTE-M, but remote management of machines and installations is ideally suited with LTE-M. A major advantage of LTE-M is the good permeability in urban areas, deep in buildings in basements or below ground level.

The Robustel R2000-LTE-M is a router that has been specially developed for the new LTE-M network. In the Netherlands, LTE-M is available through KPN and Vodafone. LTE-M is also referred to as LTE-CAT-M1. The Robustel R2000-LTE-M is a router with 2x LAN port for this brand new network, especially for IoT applications.

Below the specifications of the Robustel R2000-LTE-M:

  • LTE Cat M1 router with 2x LAN port;
  • DIN rail.
  • Supply voltage 9-36VDC
  • Metal housing, suitable for DIN rail mounting (optional bottom mounting)
  • Temperature range -25 to +70°C

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