MNO and MVNO what is the difference?


How is it possible that some providers use the network of other providers? This can be done by the MNO and MVNO construction, in this article we will discuss what MNO and MVNO are and what the difference is between them.

What is a MNO?

MNO stands for Mobile Network Operator, an MNO is a mobile provider that has a broadcast license and has its own infrastructure for operating mobile services. The MNOs are, as it were, the “main networks”, in the Netherlands the MNOs are: KPN, Vodafone and T-Mobile.

What is a MVNO?

MVNO stands for Mobile Virtual Network Operator, an MVNO makes a business agreement with an MNO to buy network capacity. In this way, an MVNO can offer products and services under its own brand name that use the network of an MNO.

MNO and MVNO the difference?

Often MVNOs offer their services more cheaply than MNOs, while they use the same network, how is this possible? Firstly, MNO brands have a “premium” feeling and reputation, because these are brands that have been around for several years and have already proven their quality and name. For most organizations this provides a sense of trustworthiness and for that there is more willingness to pay more. Also, products by MVNOs are often offered digitally and most MVNOs do not have physical stores or office buildings. This is one of the reasons why MVNOs, in contrast to large and often bulkier MNOs, suffer less from overhead costs, which ultimately affects the subscription rates.

Furthermore, an MVNO can make its own agreements with the MNO, which means that many variations are possible, which is another reason for organizations to choose the MVNO over the MNO. The MNO may first introduce new developments or techniques, for example, KPN initially only offered and implemented the eSIM and 5G within KPN. These services will only become available to the MVNOs later, but there is no technical difference between the services that the MVNOs purchase from the MVOs, so all users are treated equally on the network.

MNOs and MVNOs both have their advantages, it is ultimately up to your personal preference which solution is best for you. For more information about MNOs and MVNOs, you can contact us via telephone number 085-0443500 or by email to