Microsoft protects data within the EU

Microsoft protected data

Microsoft started protecting data from European customers from January 1, 2023. Data from European companies will now be stored and processed within the EU. This prevents Microsoft from moving data to, for example, the United States with the risk of data ending up in the wrong hands.

Microsoft has set up the EU Data Boundary. The digital border ensures that privacy-sensitive data stays within Europe. Users of Microsoft cloud services can choose since 2023 that customer data will not end up outside the EU. Microsoft will then store and process your organisational data in data centres within the European Union. We as Thingsdata use Microsoft Azure, this is a cloud service from Microsoft which manages communication between IoT devices and the Azure cloud.

At the end of this year, Microsoft also wants to keep the log data within Europe. By logs, we mean the data that is collected when someone logs in and from which location this happens.

The EU Data Boundary ensures that customers gain more insight into where their data is stored and processed. At the moment, this is still unclear. The internet has made it possible for data to end up anywhere in the world, the downside is that it can also end up in places where privacy is less well protected.

Europe has strict rules regarding privacy legislation. Organisations outside the EU are now only allowed to store and process data from? European customers if they follow the same rules.

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