Launch Thingsdata portal


We are proud to announce the launch of our Thingsdata Portal. It will be available starting August 14. With this innovative application, we offer customers an advanced tool for all kinds of insights. We keep customers informed in the Thingsdata portal about maintenance activities, possible malfunctions and the latest news, among other things.


In the Thingsdata portal, access can be granted to multiple employees of customers. There are multiple roles and corresponding rights. It is therefore possible to give each employee a specific role. The main page provides up-to-date information such as news articles, notifications and malfunctions. Customers can also set filters so that aspects can be personalized. Thanks to the integration with Freshdesk, tickets can be entered. The status can also be monitored. In addition, for each customer, the most updated agreement is always available in the portal.

The Thingsdata portal is of course well secured, so your company & personal data are not at risk. For most roles it is mandatory to work with a 2FA.


Our thanks go to New Nexus and specifically Vincent Assen, who played an important role as a pioneer in the development of the Thingsdata portal. We also want to thank Kelvin Brans for his design talent, Wouter Straver for his efforts at the back-end and Glenn Geelen and Boyen de Leeuw for their contribution to the front-end.

We would also like to thank our employee Sjoerd van Leeuwen for his valuable contribution to the realization of the Thingsdata portal. In the near future we will further optimize the portal and introduce new functionalities. We very much look forward to continuing to work with Vincent and the team at New Nexus.

For more information about the Thingsdata portal, you can contact us via telephone number 085-0443500 or by mail to