KPN’s 3G network will stop as of March 31, 2022!

kpn 3g stopt

In an earlier news item we already mentioned that KPN will stop the 3G network. In addition, we have now also received an exact date from KPN.

3G discontinued as of March 31, 2022

KPN will permanently shut down its 3G network as of March 31, 2022, in other words already in nine months. KPN’s 2G network will remain in the air for longer, at least until April 2025.

In general, less and less use is made of the 3G networks in the Netherlands, which was put into use in 2003. The 3G networks will be disabled due to the expansion of the 5G network and the improvement of the current 4G network.

If you have not switched to 4G or perhaps already 5G on 1 April 2022, the devices will automatically fall back to the 2G network. The 2G network of at least KPN will be provided with improved audio quality for voice applications.

Vodafone has already phased out the 3G network since February 4, 2020. Only T-Mobile has no concrete plans yet when it comes to phasing out the 3G network.

This is what happens if you fall back to 2G

  • The Internet connection slows down;
  • The sound quality of voice deteriorates;
  • You can no longer use data and voice at the same time.

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