Customers benefit from successful collaboration Thingsdata and Delmation.

Thingsdata and Delmation

Connect and control hardware remotely, with secured M2M simcards that have coverage everywhere. End users have a choice between many suppliers, but few offer a combination of these products. Thingsdata and Delmation have been working together for two years now, with the aim of providing the customer with the best possible service. And that includes a One Stop Shop. While Thingsdata specializes in IoT connectivity, Delmation specializes in hardware. Kim van Brugge, Managing Director at Delmation: “The advantage of this collaboration for the customers is that they are unburdened of the entire process, have one point of contact and that we think along with them, each based on our own expertise.”

Stefan Kloosterboer, Co-Owner of Hero-Balancer, is enthusiastic about the collaboration with Thingsdata and Delmation. Hero-Balancer smartly controls climate systems in, office buildings and schools. Kloosterboer: ‘The reliability of the sensor, the life of the battery, remote control of the device and the pricing are very important to us. That is why the choice fell on the products of Thingsdata and Delmation. Jochem Koppes of Thingsdata is very service-oriented and thinks along with us. When we were still a small start-up, he already saw potential in us. We really appreciate that. In addition, I receive one invoice and I only have to switch with one person for both the software and the hardware. That works very pleasantly and is time-efficient.’

Flexibility and convenience for the customer

Nobody wants an unexpectedly high bill and a lack of clarity about different subscriptions and a contract with a long term and commitments. And when the system does not work properly, suppliers point to each other. Thingsdata and Delmation offer the customer flexibility. Van Brugge: ‘We think along with the customer from both areas of expertise. If the customer wishes, the router can be delivered already configured. We test the router, insert the simcard, install the software in the environment and then deliver the product ready-made.”

Thingsdata and Delmation reinforce each other

The Internet of Things is still in its early years. Jochem Koppes, Director of Sales at Thingsdata, predicts that in 5 to 10 years there will be an increasing demand for an integrated solution. “Thanks to the collaboration with Delmation, we are already pre-sorting for this. We offer each other new insights and reinforce each other extremely well. And the customers also benefit from this. They know where to find us better and better; our joint business has now tripled.”

Curious whether the services of Thingsdata and Delmation can be of added value for your company? Please contact Jochem Koppes (+31 642 707 818) or Kim van Brugge (+ 31 651 112 566).