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The technology companies Delmation, Thingsdata and Withthegrid are joining forces to offer integrated IoT solutions for organizations in the utility sector. The demand for internet of things solutions is increasing rapidly. The technical knowledge and availability of technical personnel is often a limiting factor to be able to start projects or roll them out on a large scale. By combining the hardware of Delmation, connectivity of Thingsdata and the Withthegrid portal, a plug-and-play solution is created that allows organizations in the utility sector to make their installations and systems smart even faster.

Withthegrid is a Dutch technology company founded in 2017, which started with managing and maintaining energy infrastructure. At that time it became clear that managing infrastructure is becoming increasingly complex.

  • More and more energy infrastructure is due for replacement and renewal;
  • Increasing shortage of technical personnel to carry out the work;
  • The infrastructure must be made suitable for a great deal of sustainable energy.

The mission is to digitize vital infrastructures for a sustainable future.

Smart installation within one day

Many customers want real time insight into their existing energy installations and be able to control them remotely. By means of a gateway with integrated IoT connectivity, it is possible to ‘make installations smart’. The challenge often lies in reading these installations because they are different every time, and in translating them into the correct measurement messages and control signals.

For customer cases, a solution for DC voltage has been selected with modbus output. A Teltonika TRB255 gateway is connected to this, including a secured multi-network M2M simcard from TELE2 IOT. The simple link between hardware and software makes it possible to make an installation smart in one day. In the portal, the modbus signal is read and converted into a measurement that is visible in the graphs and other analyses.

Always insight into the status of your installation and the data chain

With the help of the Withthegrid portal you always have real time insight into the status of your installations. By means of control signals it is also possible to adjust configurations remotely. In addition, insight into the Thingsdata sim management system offers you insight into the status of the IoT connectivity. That way you always know if everything works. And you will receive a notification when this is not the case.

Predictive maintenance and digital twin

By having continuous insight into installations, it is possible to apply predictive maintenance. This saves costs and scarce technical work hours. In addition, a digital twin can also be created to make better investment decisions.

Three areas of expertise with just one point of contact

The collaboration between Delmation, Thingsdata and Withthegrid combines the best knowledge with support across the entire chain with one clear point of contact. In addition, much fewer development hours are required and market solutions are realized faster.

Also getting started?

Contact one of us:

Kim van Brugge – – Delmation at Blauw-roodlaan 300, 2718 SK Zoetermeer

Jochem Koppes – – Thingsdata at Johan van Hasseltweg 2C4, 1018 TX Amsterdam

Paul Mignot – – Withthegrid at Atoomweg 7-9, 3542 AA Utrecht