5G available on multi-network M2M simcards in Belgium and Germany

5G available on multi-network M2M simcards in Belgium and Germany

Tele-2 IOT further expands its new 5G roaming portfolio. After all, 5G networks are being rolled out in more and more countries, not only in Europe but also beyond. 5G is the successor to 4G and it will not only improve the way we connect, it will also bring major benefits for IoT applications. The way we connect and control installations, devices and sensors.

Compared to previous generations, 5G not only offers higher speeds and more capacity, but there is also much less delay between sending and receiving data (latency). This means that, in addition to smartphones, vehicles, robots and other smart devices can also use 5G.

M2M simcards with 5G

Thingsdata supplies secure multi-network M2M simcards that can use the 5G network in various countries, including Belgium (Proximus) and Germany (T-Mobile). The M2M simcards are managed in an advanced sim management system. In this system you can, among other things, see which M2M simcard uses which network. In addition, you can set automation rules to easily monitor the simcards and make changes where necessary.

These are all countries in the world where 5G is already available through the Tele-2 IOT portfolio.


  • Belgium – Proximus
  • Denmark – Nuuday A/S
  • Finland – Elisa
  • Germany – T-Mobile
  • Poland – Plus Cell Phone
  • Switzerland – Swisscom

Rest of world

  • Australia – Vodafone
  • China – China Mobile
  • Hong Kong – CWHKT
  • Japan – DoCoMo
  • South Korea – KT
  • Taiwan – Far EastTone and Taiwan Mobile
  • Thailand – Real Future
  • United Arab Emirates – Etisalat

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