The new RMS 4.0 update


As remote IoT solutions become more and more relevant day by day, a good remote management platform needs to stay up-to-date and meet the dynamic needs of its customers. That is why Teltonika Networks’ Remote Management System (RMS) received an important update last week: version 4.0. The update doesn’t change RMS in any drastic way, so all the features you’ve become accustomed to are still there. But there are also new features and quality changes that have been made, so let’s cover the main ones!

New functions

At Teltonika Networks, they believe there is always room for improvement. RMS is no exception. Here’s some of the extra value you get with RMS 4.0:

Multi config

This new feature allows you to configure individual Teltonika Networks device parameters directly via RMS, without requiring access to the device’s WebUI. This is a huge upgrade from how device parameter configuration used to work. Previously, all changes had to be committed as a full set of backup uploads. With RMS 4.0, the individual elements that you want to personalize can be easily changed without affecting other elements. Multi-config also provides a list of suggested parameters when you start typing their name during a search, and identifies and reports pushed configuration errors directly to you for analysis. Please note that Multi-config is only compatible with devices with firmware version 7.3 or higher.

Custom Templates

Multi-config now allows you to create custom device configuration templates so that the exact same changes can be quickly and easily applied to selected and future devices. In addition to a greatly simplified configuration, it also simplifies the migration from older to newer devices, even if the devices are of a different model.

Device recognition and secure upload of parameters

When migrating from one device to another using Multi-config, RMS recognizes interchangeable, compatible, and incompatible parameters of the new device and attempts to configure unsupported features. For example, it will not try to configure WiFi parameters for the RUTX09.


The user interface is all about streamlining your experience and making things intuitive. You can find the full list of UI updates on our Wiki, but here are the main ones you need to know:

Improved filtering

The filter tab, where you can add, change or remove simple filter parameters, is now available at the top of the device window. The filter itself does not change. We’re just reducing the number of clicks and giving you more control over the parameters you want to access.

RMS Connect protocol menus

RMS Connect previously had separate submenus for each protocol. With this update, the HTTP(S), SSH, Telnet, SFTP, and Remote Desktop protocols are now available in one submenu: Remote Access. They can also be filtered within submenus. The only ones that keep their own menu are external mobile devices.

Centralized administration

The management of your devices, users, tags, files, codes and more used to be spread over different menus. With RMS 4.0, they are now in one place: administration.

For more information about RMS, you can contact us via telephone number 085-0443500 or by e-mail to

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