What types of IOT networks are there and how do I make a choice?

what types of IOT networks are there and how do I make a choice?

In addition to the well-known 2G, 3G and 4G mobile networks, ‘new’ networks are now being rolled out on a large scale, such as Narrowband-IOT (NB-IOT) and Long Term Evolution for Machines (LTE-M). The right network choice depends on what you want to achieve with an IoT solution. If a lot of data is send over a longer period of time, then a 4G solution is necessary. If it concerns a small amount of data at regular intervals, such as a sensor that sends data at a day to day basis, then NB-IOT is very suitable. If data needs to be shared more frequently and speech is also possible, then LTE-M is a good choice.

In short: the functionality is leading in the choice for a network. The location where the IoT solution must be rolled out is also important. The development of the new networks is not the same in all countries. The phasing out of 2G and 3G networks and the emergence of new networks such as NB-IOT and LTE-M sometimes creates uncertainty, especially given the link between simcard and network. Thingsdata can guide organizations in making the right choice.

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