Connecting Z-Wave satellite sensors to an IOT gateway

Connecting Z-Wave satellite sensors to an IoT gateway

Z-Wave is a wireless home automation technology. Thingsdata uses many wireless Z-Wave satellite sensors in combination with an IoT gateway. Why? First, it is a standardized protocol. This makes it easy to connect the sensors together and link them to the IoT gateway. In addition, Z-Wave has two-way communication: sensors confirm commands given to them. This makes Z-Wave extremely reliable and ensures that sensors never miss a command.

Another advantage is that Z-Wave uses a different wireless band than WiFi and Bluetooth. This ensures a super range in a home, office building or hotel room, even through the walls. It also ensures that Z-Wave and other signals do not get in each other’s way, or interfere with each other. The technology is also very energy efficient. For example, a small sensor can last a few years with one battery.

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