5G is going to unleash a new revolution!

5G Revolution

The fifth generation of mobile networks will not only improve the way we connect to each other, it will also bring great benefits in how we interconnect and control installations, equipment and sensors. 5G delivers faster speeds, lower latency and better security. It is designed to meet the exponential growth in data processing. It will initially coexist with current 4G networks before evolving further.

The 5G network will be able to handle a lot more ‘devices’ than previous networks, so that the billions of IoT connected ‘devices’ can connect immediately. With 5G, we can only add 25,000+ devices to a radio cell and it still won’t reach its capacity. This means that 5G is more resistant to the higher loads in cities or stadiums, and on the other hand, the new lower frequencies provide more robust and reliable connections in rural areas.

5G network

5G is a much more reliable technology than previous generations. This is important when it comes to outages or when parts of the network need to be updated. The 5G architecture is much easier to maintain and at the same time is built on more robust foundations and standards. This means that there will be fewer incidents and much less downtime. This is great news for IoT applications, especially for mission critical solutions.

With 5G we see speeds between 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps, 5G is on average ten times faster than 4G. When it comes to IoT, this will make a huge difference to applications such as CCTV. Lower latency means near real-time communication, which gives a big boost when it comes to real-time control of ‘devices’ (autonomous vehicles and robotics). 4G latency is actually quite fast at about 30-40 milliseconds. With 5G, that number is reduced to 1-2 milliseconds, again making 5G a big game changer when it comes to IoT.

There are more and improved security standards in 5G, with more security controls. 5G enables better and faster tools for authentication and encryption of traffic and connected devices. Faster speeds make it possible to share and install new software and security updates much faster, enabling intelligent real-time protection. Faster speeds, faster response times and more connected devices also make system monitoring more efficient. 5G also offers the possibility to prioritize traffic in the network (QoS).

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