LoRaWAN classes


LoRaWAN sensors can work with three classes: Class A, Class B and Class C.

Class A, first class:

  • Send a message as set in the LoRaWAN sensor.
  • A downlink message is only possible within two receiving slots above the LoRaWAN sensor that has sent a message.
  • Most energy efficient.
  • Mandatory to any LoRaWAN sensor.

Class B

  • Extension to Class A.
  • The LoRaWAN sensor listens at a large interval.
  • The network sends beacons to the LoRaWAN sensors that determine the interval.
  • Less energy efficient than class A.

Class C

  • Extension to Class A.
  • Download messages possible at any time.
  • LoRaWAN sensor listens continuously.
  • Not energy efficient
  • Few LoRaWAN sensors are still available with Class C.