What is the difference between a standard sim and an IOT sim?

Difference between a standard sim and an IoT sim

Despite looking identical on the outside, the features and functionalities between standard simcards differ greatly compared to those of IoT simcards. The use of an IoT simcard can save your organization a lot of time and money.

The main difference is the functionalities and manageability: a standard simcard only offers internet access and does not contain the extra functionalities offered by IoT connectivity providers. These smart extra functions make it simpler and cheaper.

Standard simcard

  • Standard simcards have contract terms that are tied to one local network, with different terms and rates for foreign networks;
  • Difficult procurement and management of different connectivity providers per country, with their respective contracts and invoices;
  • Complex inventory logistics to ensure that devices with the correct simcard are shipped to the correct destination;
  • High roaming charges that apply when devices are deployed in different countries;
  • Strict conditions pre-determined by network operators (for example: long contract periods, preset consumption, fixed prices and packages). Changing the contract terms can be difficult or even impossible.

IOT simcard

This is when IoT simcards come into the picture with maximum flexibility. Unlike standard simcards, IoT simcards are the opposite and offer the following capabilities:

  • Contract terms that meet your specific business needs (such as specific data volumes);
  • Flexibility to pause, resume or even stop a simcard. As well as the ability to change the terms attached to it;
  • Availability of pay as you go rates for added pricing flexibility;
  • A single simcard provides access to multiple local networks. This gives better coverage within the country as the simcard can switch between networks, prioritizing the strongest network available.

Monitoring and management is crucial in many situations. You may want to specify a data usage limit to avoid the risk of a device misbehaving with excessive data usage and thus incurring unforeseen charges. Or maybe some of your ‘devices’ are only actively used during certain times of the year and you want the option to temporarily disable simcards for security reasons and to cut costs.

A sim management system for monitoring and management is only available from an IoT connectivity provider. When using standard simcards, such functionalities are usually omitted, as the associated providers do not have to provide a management platform to the average user group. An additional advantage of an advanced sim management system is the ability to use an API connection in combination with your company-specific application.

To be as efficient and scalable as possible in terms of mobile internet access. Is it important to know the benefits of IoT simcards including a sim management system? The extra functionalities and maximum flexibility they offer enable you to simplify the management of devices and reduce costs.

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