Switch operators remotely with Remote Sim Provisioning!

Remote Sim Provisioning

Compared to traditional sim technology, Remote Sim Provisioning (RSP) technology is still relatively new. The traditional simcard is equipped with the well-known sim technology that has been an integral part of the IoT connectivity portfolio for a long time. As the IoT market grows steadily, more and more new challenges arise. Some challenges are limited by this traditional sim technology and this is where the RSP technology stands out.

Remote Sim Provisioning is a term you may have never heard of around sim technology. It is often referred to by the term eSIM. What is it? RSP is remote operator switching. In this article we use the term RSP to avoid confusion with another term eSIM, which is often used for the same functionality. The RSP technology is one of the most important factors for growth in the IoT market. By enabling remote switching of the virtual operator profile, it solves many of the challenges of organizations engaged in IoT implementation.

If you want a different operator for the IoT connectivity, it is very difficult to physically switch simcards. RSP is thus the technology that allows the remote activation and management of profiles of multiple operators. This technique makes it possible to switch operators quickly and easily.

Virtual operator profile

An organization with an RSP-based IoT implementation has the ability to assign different virtual operator profiles to the simcards in the field. Any available virtual operator profile can be linked. When using these simcards, other virtual operator profiles can be switched on and off in addition to the default operator profile. The RSP technology thus eliminates the costly installation work required to physically exchange a simcard.

Local profiles outside the EU

As globally deployed IoT devices require different operator profiles in different regions, the use of RSP technology will increase in the coming years. For devices deployed in markets outside the EU, where a local operator is really needed (often due to cost), a virtual operator profile can be changed remotely to a low-cost local operator.

Risk of permanent roaming rules

As guidelines on restrictions against permanent roaming come into effect in countries where an IoT implementation already exists, the need to switch to a local operator increases. If the implementation is done using the RSP technology, the cost and effort of switching is significantly reduced.

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