Sim Management Systems

Sim Management

Thingsdata uses the most modern IoT connectivity management systems in the world. With these sim management systems you have a grip on the continuity of the mobile internet access of your simcards, and on the data consumption. Via the sim management system you can easily and real-time monitor and manage all IoT connections, regardless of whether this concerns M2M, LTE M or NB-IOT simcards. You also have a direct overview of all features that are linked to an individual simcard.

Sim management options

We can fully automate many tasks in the sim management systems and, if desired, you can link your own back-end system via an API to. For example, the Cisco Jasper Control Center of Tele-2 IOT or KPN, the Global Data Service Platform (GDSP) from Vodafone Global or the 1NCE portal. This allows you to retrieve the specific valuable information of the simcards that are important to you from the sim management systems to your own company-specific application.

A sim management system is a web-based environment in which all simcards (M2M, LTE M and NB-IOT) of your organization are clearly arranged. You can set rules here to easily monitor and make changes where necessary. You should think of: setting up warning emails in case of high data usage, an IMEI blockade if a simcard is implemented in another ‘device’ or having simcards activated or blocked automatically.

We help organizations to optimally deploy sim management systems to achieve the overall IoT objectives. It is important to start with clear requirements for a sim management system. Thingsdata determines together with you the focus and which steps must be taken to find out which sim management system meets the wishes and requirements.

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