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KPN IOT has issued a new version of the roaming list. This list shows which mobile operators are working with KPN around the world. Additional information such as which networks are available and in which zone the operators are located is also visible.

The 097 telephone numbers were therefore put into use because there was a threat of a shortage of 06 numbers. In recent years, the issuance of these 097 numbers has increased extremely. After a number of stable years, around 28 million had been issued and in use in 2019. An increase of 6 million compared to 2018.

097 numbers are used for IoT data applications. For example with navigation systems, payment terminals or dongles for mobile internet. This data traffic is called machine-to-machine (M2M). The 097 numbers always have 12 digits.

The issue rate is now about 25%. Fortunately, there are still enough 097 numbers available. The Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets is keeping an eye on the increase in order to prevent a possible shortage in the future.

Ruben Hakkert started at ThingsData last September 1. Ruben will strengthen our sales team as an account manager. Thingsdata has grown rapidly in recent times and has been actively looking for an experienced force for some time. Ruben is very experienced and has been active in the world of Internet of Things since 2016. His specialism is mainly around the pillar IoT connectivity. As a result, he will be able to answer all your issues in the field of IoT connectivity and he will gladly advise you about the various solutions that Thingsdata offers.

Thingsdata is certified by SBB as a recognized training company, which means that we can offer MBO students a work-study trajectory (Beroeps Opleidende Leerweg, BOL). In addition, we can have our own employees follow a Beroeps Begeleidende leerweg (BBL), in which we take care of all parts of the vocational training.

The cabinet announced in May 2022 that a hybrid heat pump will become the standard for heating homes from 2026. Together with installers and suppliers of heat pumps, the government wants to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy. According to government figures, a heat pump saves 60 percent on natural gas consumption. In order to make this transition as smooth as possible, the government offers a subsidy amounting to 30 percent of the purchase price of a heat pump. Because of this transition, Thingsdata has created a plug & play solution to support all installers.

The 5G frequency auction in the Netherlands has been postponed again. The auction should have taken place last month. KPN, T-Mobile and Vodafone would like to use the 3.5 GHz frequency band for 5G, but this is not possible at the moment. The National Frequency Plan that allocates available bandwidth, does not work. At the moment, providers, satellite stations, local license holders and the networks of, for example, the port of Rotterdam and Schiphol, are in each other’s way on the 3.5 GHz frequency bands. The Ministry of Economic Affairs must now review the frequency plan and an independent advisory committee will have to enter into discussions with all stakeholders.

After a long period of working on the design, the time has finally come, Thingsdata is launching its brand new Internet of Things webshop. In the webshop we still carry the same products and services that you are used to from us, but now everything is also digitally transparent and available. The webshop is also equipped with a completely responsive design, which makes it very accessible on your smartphone and tablet in addition to the PC.

The technology companies Delmation, Thingsdata and Withthegrid are joining forces to offer integrated IoT solutions for organizations in the utility sector. The demand for internet of things solutions is increasing rapidly. The technical knowledge and availability of technical personnel is often a limiting factor to be able to start projects or roll them out on a large scale. By combining the hardware of Delmation, connectivity of Thingsdata and the Withthegrid portal, a plug-and-play solution is created that allows organizations in the utility sector to make their installations and systems smart even faster.

Over the past 2 years, KPN has tried to inform you as well as possible about 3G phasing out in the Netherlands. Hereby one of the latest updates of the state of affairs.

How is it possible that some providers use the network of other providers? This can be done by the MNO and MVNO construction, in this article we will discuss what MNO and MVNO are and what the difference is between them.