What is LTE M?


The LTE M network has been specially developed for Internet of Things applications and is based on the reliable and secure 4G networks of the providers. The coverage of LTE M is stronger than a 2G network and has the advantage of a deeper penetration rate, which means that the coverage in mainly buildings is many times better. LTE M allows fast data transmission in an energy-efficient way and it is suitable for various applications that now work with 2G. In addition, it is also suitable for applications that are not yet ‘smart’. LTE M is based on the worldwide 3GPP standard of the GSMA, which offers possibilities for roaming abroad.

The available cellular modules for LTE M are relatively inexpensive. Devices can be connected to an LTE M network using LTE M cellular modules, which are less expensive to make. This is because of half duplex and a narrower bandwidth.

LTE M deep sleep

The LTE M connected devices can also go into a so-called ‘deep sleep’ mode or only wake up periodically while connected, which ensures a longer life for devices with LTE M that depend on a battery.

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