What do you have to think about with an IOT project?

IoT project

Recent research has shown that most IoT projects take place within industry, transport (mobility) and energy. The analysis is based on 1000+ actual IoT projects. But what kind of projects should you think about? Below an overview.

Industrial IOT

Industrial IoT applications can be found both inside and outside a factory. Within the Industrial IoT production environment, IoT solutions are mainly applied in production monitoring, wearables and augmented reality in the workplace, remote PLC control and automated quality control systems.

Outside the factory, IoT is mainly used to remotely control machines, monitor equipment or manage and control entire industrial activities remotely. Reduction of operational downtime and cost savings are the main drivers for implementing industrial IoT solutions.

Transport and mobility

Transport and mobility is the second largest IoT application area. Tesla led the way with connected cars when it launched the Model S and introduced the first wireless software update capabilities. Since then, virtually every automaker has followed suit with the integration of similar IoT technologies.

Typical applications within this sector are mainly found in telematics and fleet management solutions. Solutions that connect to the local control system in the car for example, vehicle diagnosis and monitoring (battery monitoring, tire pressure monitoring, driver monitoring or vehicle tracking)


As global energy consumption is expected to skyrocket in the near future, the need for smarter energy solutions has reached an all-time high. IoT is revolutionizing almost every area of ​​vertical energy; from generation and transmission to distribution and changing the interaction between energy companies and customers.

Energy represents a large part of the identified IoT projects. Most projects focus on energy distribution, grid optimization, remote asset monitoring, management, predictive maintenance and the creation of greater transparency for customers. Thingsdata sees enormous growth in unlocking data from, for example, solar panels and charging stations.

Other sectors where IoT projects are currently on the rise:

Smart city

Typical IoT projects in smart cities are connected traffic (including smart parking and traffic management), utilities (smart waste and lighting), public safety (video surveillance) and environmental monitoring (air pollution).

Smart healthcare

Partly under the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic, IoT has slowly gained a foothold in healthcare. There is an increasing demand for specific IoT applications, such as telehealth consultations, digital diagnostics, remote monitoring and robot support. Internet of Things is mainly used within hospitals and clinics for monitoring medical devices, coordination of health teams, optimization of work processes and monitoring of patients and clients.

Smart agriculture

The world population is expected to grow to nearly 10 billion people by 2050, who will need up to 70 percent more food than today. One way to address the challenges this poses is smart farming. IoT sensors can help agricultural organizations make better decisions regarding crop yield, quality and cost reduction. Typical smart farming projects include precision farming, livestock monitoring, irrigation management and automated drones for surveying farms, mapping land and spraying crops, for example.

Smart building

Most organizations invest in improving smart building management systems. More than half have implemented a smart system. Most new innovative solutions are aimed at increasing productivity and efficiency and reducing operational costs. IoT is mainly used in the automation of buildings and monitoring of building systems, the so-called smart buildings (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, elevators, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers), building use and security (space use, access and surveillance).

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