Testing with NB-IOT

NB-IoT connectivity

Get started yourself with a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technique, that is possible with NB-IOT.

With NB-IOT it is possible to connect installations, equipment and sensors remotely via NB-IOT simcards. The NB-IOT network has been specially developed for IoT applications and is based on the reliable and secure 4G networks of the providers. NB-IOT is suitable for very low data volumes from 500KB to 5MB. The coverage of NB-IOT is better than that of a 2G network and has the great advantage of a deeper penetration rate in buildings. The signal cannot be blocked by thick walls, which means that applications deep in buildings are also possible. Even for underground applications. Via NB-IOT, data can be sent quickly in an energy-efficient way, so that the batteries of sensors have a long life (10+ years).

NB-IOT the successor of 2G

2G has changed the world, but it is outdated and has its limitations, including security. 2G is guaranteed until 2025 in the Netherlands and it is therefore important to prepare for its phasing out. One of the successors is NB-IOT and comparable to 2G because of its low bandwidth, but it is based on 4G networks and is specifically designed for IOT applications, which ensures lower latency.

A licensed LPWAN such as NB-IOT has many advantages, namely:

  • Proven technology based on 4G;
  • Better capacity and coverage than an unlicensed spectrum;
  • Harmonization of the spectrum between countries and regions;
  • Lifespan controlled by the mobile operators.

Where is NB-IOT suitable?

NB-IOT is particularly suitable for industrial (large-scale) applications in, for example, buildings, factories and agriculture. An example of an extremely suitable NB-IOT application is the remote reading of groundwater, surface water or water meters by means of innovative sensors.

Thingsdata supplies test kits that allow you to get started with NB-IOT in an accessible way.

More information?

For more information, you can contact us via telephone number 085-0443500 or by mail to info@thingsdata.nl.