Robustel EG5100-4L: the industrial 4G edge computing gateway


The Robustel EG5100-4L is an industrial 4G edge computing gateway with a very high reliability. The EG5100-4L has a robust metal housing and is suitable for use in IoT applications where a cellular router and embedded PC are both necessary (best of both worlds).

This industrial edge computing gateway with dual sim slot for redundant M2M communication is based on 2G, 3G and 4G and offers the usual WAN and LAN ports. In addition, the EG5100-4L supports digital inputs/outputs, RS-232, RS-485 and an automatic failover to ensure a stable connection. The gateway has four Ethernet ports and a power supply of 9-60 VDC on the screw terminals.

The EG5100-4L uses a powerful ARM Cortex-A7 processor with a full Debian operating system that supports existing or new ARMv7 (RPi-compatible) based applications.

The new gateway operating system ‘RobustOS Pro’ supports docker containers for easy implementation in various applications (Node-RED). This includes industrial automation, parking meters, charging stations, digital signage and the remote control of vehicles and robots.

The EG5100-4L is € 439.00 and comes standard with a DIN-clip and a 3 year warranty.

For more information about the EG5100-4L, please contact us via telephone number 085-0443500 or by email to