Private APN + IP-SEC VPN

Private APN and IP-SEC VPN

Thingsdata frequently deploys managed security applications to its customers, including IP-SEC VPN + private APN constructions, to secure IoT data. A short explanation.


IP-SEC VPN, is a standard for securing the internet protocol (IP) by means of encryption and/or authentication on all IoT data packets. IP-SEC stands for Internet Protocol Security and VPN for Virtual Private Network.

On the one hand, it secures the IoT data packets by means of encryption and on the other hand, it watches over the exchange of these packets. A lot of IoT data is sensitive information and therefore good security is required from the network of which installations, equipment and sensors are part.

The IP-SEC VPN + private APN constructions of Thingsdata are usually structured via a provider, so that the IoT data is not transported over the public internet, but over a closed network (closed internet environment) that is operated by the provider. This provider has end-to-end control over all components of the network.

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